Monday, June 15, 2015

Answer Me This: Summer Plans, Park Rides, and Smells

Wahoo!  Kendra at Catholic All Year has reinstated her Answer Me This series!   If you aren't familiar with it, on Sunday Kendra asks random, fun questions about us.  Then the following Sunday she answers the questions, and post the next weeks questions.

Now I am a day behind in getting this posted, but hopefully I'll keep up from here on out.

1. Any big plans for the summer?

My awesome brother is coming home tomorrow!!  I haven't seen him for 2 years.  He has been serving a church mission in Eugene, Oregon.

Nothing else too terribly exciting.

2. What is the strangest thing you believed as a child?

If you put salt on a birds tail you can catch it.
The air in Mexico would smell different than here in the USA.  I was so disappointed the first time I went to Mexico as a kid because it didn't smell different.

3. What is your favorite amusement park ride? (can be a specific one at a specific park or just a type of ride)

Never been to one.  Someday though.  Closest I've been to is the county fair rides.  I would have to say the Ferris Wheel.  (the only other rides I've been on are ones I took the kids on... not exactly that fun for me)

4. What's on your summer reading list?

Radical Homemaking
Breathe: Making Room for Sabbath
Harry Potter books 5-7

5. Have you ever fallen asleep in public?

I am pretty sure I dozed off on the bus the last day in Scottsdale a couple weeks ago.  Luckily it was only a slight doze off, and I didn't miss my stop.

6. What is your favorite smell?

Rain.  Desert rain.  More specifically the rain on the creosote.
Fresh baked bread

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Monthly Mission: June Edition

Wow it has been way to long since I did an official monthly mission.  The last several months I've been focusing on health, fitness, and surviving the first trimester of pregnancy.

Yep, baby #3 is due on Thanksgiving Day.

I think this month I am going to focus on less time spent on electronics, and more time spent with family, actually keeping up with housework, the projects I've been putting off, etc.

Basically I am going to focus more time spent in Real Life, and less time in Virtual Life.

And when I do spend time on the computer I am going to make it more worth while.  No more browsing stupid stuff on Pinterest.  No more checking Facebook 10 times in 10 minutes.

Sunday computer time I want to focus on family history and listing to/reading the most recent General Conferences.

Tuesday and Friday I am going to focus on my food blog, Cookies 'n Cows.

The other days' computer time will be spend researching my current project, posting here, quick Facebook checks, etc.  Oh, and I'm limiting the time I get to spend doing all that too... 1 hour.

Let's see if I can break my computer addiction.

Friday, May 15, 2015

The Colors of my Life

Last summer I skimmed through a Decorating for Dummies book, and decided I HAD to go find the perfect color palette for my home.  I spent the next few days looking at different color palates, trying to create my own.  Nothing seemed quite right.  Then I ran across this:

This is the one!

I fell in love with it immediately.

Each time we went to a home improvement store (aka Home Depot or Ace Hardware) I would try to find the paint sample card that most closely matched each shade.  That way I could have it with me, without having to pull out my phone.

Then I put it away and mostly forgot about it for about a year.

One thing I've come to realize over the past year is that I already pretty much do anything I can in blues, greens, and yellows.  Why not just use this as the palette of my life?  I can use it not just for my house, but my blogs, my wardrobe, just about everything...

My favorite color is blue, Zach's is green, not sure what the boys favorite colors are... I think yellow and red, but it changes every day.  So this palette pretty much covers all our favorite colors.  It's perfect.

Or so I thought.

Now I look at it and think it is kinda... well... I don't know.  Something is missing.  It's kinda bland.

Recently I have been seeing very similar palette, but with pops of coral in it.

I mean, look how well the coral goes with the blues and yellows... It is the perfect pop of color! And this isn't even the best palette I found.
I am falling in love with coral.  Never thought I would...

I realized that this color palette I fell in love with just needed some sort small of pop.  Like coral.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Guys, I'm Going to Italy!

It's gonna be a few years (at the soonest), but I am going.

I have been reading Christ Brady's book A Month of Italy: Rediscovering the Art of Vacation.

It is an amazing, fun book about the Brady family's month long trip to Italy.

Withing two chapters I was convinced I am going to Italy someday.

Two chapters later I wasn't just going to go for a week or so visit.  Nope I am going for a month.

The amazing views he describes are enough to get anyone to want to go.

OK so he doesn't talk about this guy, this just came from a quick Google/Pinterest search of Italy I did a couple weeks ago.

Don't you want to go see these places?

Do a quick Google Image search of Italy and you will find so many more gorgeous reasons to go visit.

About half way through the book it finally dawned on my why I really want to go to Italy.

More than just the vistas.

The Italians are a laid back, don't cram too much into your schedule, do everything right the first time type of people.  In America's fast paced, the busier you are the better, culture it sounds heavenly to go somewhere where taking it slow isn't going against the current.

He talks about how they take their time with their tasks to be sure it is done right, instead of rushing from one job to another, not being as thorough.  They take pride in a job well done.

The old men sit outside the cafe's talking, playing games, and just people watching.

Everyone is kind, friendly, and patient.

Doesn't that sound like heaven compared to our busy, fast paced lives here?

I want a month to reset, and reconnect with life.  Wouldn't you?

If you could travel anywhere in the world, (money wasn't an issue), where would you want to go and why?

Monday, March 2, 2015

Monthly Mission: March Edition

And now for March's Monthly Mission!

This month I am working on two aspects of my health.

First thing I am working on is to change my perspective on food, and fully commit to a traditional food diet.  You can read more about it at Cookies 'n Cows.

Also I am determined to start sleeping better.  I have a tendency to stay awake way too late.  Once the boys go to bed the house gets so quiet.  In the evenings I don't worry about cleaning, so it is time for me to sit back, relax, and enjoy myself.  But then I don't want to go to bed.  Because that means morning seems to come that much quicker.  Which means I have to face the messy house and other responsibilities.

This month I am putting an end to that.

Lights are to be out, all electronics off, by 9:30 pm most days of the week.  I'll give myself one late night a week, most likely Friday nights.

Here is to a healthier, well rested, happier me this month!