Thursday, July 15, 2010

I love summer!!!

Last night my sisters Diedre and Nina made a three course dinner for us. Our appetizer was a Tahitian Fruit Salad. Dinner was a roast duck with turnips and onions and a roast goose with baked apples and a mashed potato and sage stuffing (both birds were traditional French recipes). The side dishes were cucumber salad, and garlic brussel sprouts. Our dessert was an amazing coconut cake... with fresh coconut! To drink we had a Tahitian Fruit Punch. Everything had intense flavors... My sisters are amazing to do all that! It was three day's worth of cooking... (It will soon be posted on my older sisters' blog I hope)
Today I got to go spend the morning and early afternoon with my Grandma P. We spent the morning visiting and making potato bread... so yummy!!! We were trying to get the bread done in time for lunch, but it wouldn't rise fast enough... it barely came out of the oven before we had to go. We put together several plates of sandwich fixings, and when my dad, hubby, uncles, and cousin came over (they have been building a house for my great uncle) we had an amazing lunch. Sooo yummy!!!! Then on their way to a dentists appointment my grandparents took my by the swimming pool to meet my mom, younger siblings, aunt, and cousins. I had a blast in the water, the bottom of my big toes got torn up from the swimming pool (as usual :-( ), and I think that I am slightly sunburned... sadly I don't tan!! I just peel.... sad day! All in all it was an amazing day.

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