Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Whole New World

Well I decided to enter the not-so-new world of blogging... Zach and I have been married for a year and four months. I just graduated from Eastern Arizona College with my Associates Degree in Secondary Education. Zach just got hired on with Freeport/McMoran as a desiel mechanic assistant. This past week has been spent moving up to Globe... but we won't be up there permanately until Monday. Alas I have one last week of work (well it turned out to not be a whole week... just Monday morning and Saturday afternoon/evening), and Zach decided to work for my dad to pull in a little extra money.
We went to our new ward last Sunday and felt very welcome, and needed! It was all mostly elderly couples. In Relief Society the youngest women (other than me) were 30 years old, so it might take awhile to get used to...

One of my biggest hobbies is cooking/bakeing, so most of this blog will probably be recepies that I like that I want to share with others...

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  1. I was gonna say maybe Zach knows my brother because my brother is a Diesel Mechanic at Freeport, but then after I posted I continued reading and realized you were talking about Globe. My brother works in Morenci.