Monday, December 20, 2010


I have been contemplating on my friendships, both past and present. I have had many close friends. The Heckendorn's and us Richins' kids played together so often we wore a path between our houses, and we could walk into each other's houses without causing a stir (Brigham went missing one day, and he was found in the Heckendorn's house... they didn't even know he was there) because we were there so often. I spent much time at Emilee Payne's house, or she at mine. Up until they moved, when I was in the first grade, the Hansen's and my family spent tons of time together. Josh and Jennifer Smith were our (Zach's and my) best friends in Safford, and still continue to be.
My cousins have all ways been close to me as well. When it came time for Uncle Jeff and Aunt Denise's family to visit, Kelleen and I were inseparable. I don't know what I would have done with out Lynn Ette, Allen and Hyrum while I lived in Animas. They were pretty much the bestest friends ever.
I have had so many good friends, if I have missed naming any here, please don't be upset with me... know that I love you all very much.
Over the years we have all gone our separate ways. We all developed different hobbies, moved, and such. I have lost track with many of them. I have come to realize how important their friendships' were/are to me, and how much I miss them. I have learned, the hard way, to keep in touch with my friends. It is so hard to try to renew a friendship when you haven't talked for years, and all you know about the other person is what they were like as a kid.
Every time that I think back to growing up with all of them, I get a big smile on my face. I have so many fond memories. I hope to be able to make many more memories with them, and my friends now and friends-to-be. Life is too short to take friends for granted. I am looking forward to getting to know all of my old friends again, whether I have lost touch with them or I am just getting to know them better!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Tree

Zach and I bought a full size (6-7 foot tall) Noble Fir tree this year. I am so excited to have a nice tree!! We had been hoping to cut one down this year, but it would have been way too much of a hassel to get a tree cutting permit this year... Our tree has kind of a blue and silver/white theme going on... blue and white lights, blue and white balls, and a blue and white tree skirt.

I was going to crochet a really pretty angel for the tree, but I decided I didn't have time to this year, so I bought a really pretty star for the tree topper.

Update *** the pictures are no longer there... so um... yah sorry

Now Hiring!!!

Queen of Procrastination - will post information later

Queen of Excuses - must be able to come up with excuses without thinking about it.

Reason why positions are open - I am tired of having those jobs!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Highway of Life

Zach and I watched an amazing movie last night, it is Facing the Giants. It is about a football coach at a Christian high school. He has the most rotten luck. they hardly ever win. He and his wife have been trying to have a child of their own for four years with no luck. He finally went tot he doctor, and discovered he had some problem or other that prevented them from having children. And that night after work, he overheard a group of fathers and some people who work at the school, discussing his losing record, and how he needs to be replaced.
That night he finally turned to the Bible, and God. He decided to give his life over to God, and to quit trying to control everything. He tells his team that from now on the purpose of football is not to win, but to praise God. If they win, they will praise God, and if they loose they will still praise God. They will play for fun, put their trust in God, and see what happens. Well, to make the story short, and so I don't completely ruin it for you... After they put their complete trust in God the blessings started to flow. Their lives were all changed.
As I have looked back on the past year and half of my married life I have seen so many blessings. Every time Zach and I decided to trust the Lord, so many wonderful things happened. But we have trust issues. We like the driver's seat a little too much. As soon as we start to see the blessing coming we say, "Thank you Lord, but we can take it from here. Thanks for getting us out of this tough spot." We let Him be a backseat driver, but won't give up the driver's seat. Then after awhile of us driving ourselves down the highway called life we hit another spot on the road full of potholes. After trying to steer through, and crashing into the biggest one on the road, we let the Lord take over again. Watching this movie has made me realize that I need to completely give up the driver's seat. He knows all the back roads, shortcuts, and all the places we need to see, through the valleys of our trials; and he likewise knows the scenic routes up at the peaks of our mountains.
One of my favorite lines of the movie goes something like this, "The Lord tells us, in the Good Book, 360 times to not be afraid." If He is telling us so many times, He must be serious. Fear is a lack of faith, a lack of trust in God. I haven not really liked it much, here in Globe. I have been searching my "road maps" for a way out of here. I need move over to shotgun, and let the Lord do the driving. Let's see where he takes us....

Friday, December 3, 2010

Nativty 2009

Every year my siblings and I give my mom a Nativity for her collection. Last years is going to be pretty hard to top. We had the whole family involved, almost all of Uncle Jeff and Aunt Denise's family, plus another cousin or two to help us. And, with that many people geting ready (14-15 people were running around in costumes trying to stay away from the windows of the trailer... and get costume stuff out of the trailer... with out Mom suspecting anything), and setting up, we still managed to keep it a secret from Mom. (I stole the pictures and some of the text from Marquette's facebook page):

We left a box of costumes and a "scroll" with directions on the table and when all of us kids were in place and ready, we called the parents and told them where the box was and to open it and follow the directions. Mom didn't know any of what was to come, and the other 3 (Dad, Uncle Jeff and Aunt Denise) had a slight idea.

The innkeeper talking to the travelers.

No room at the inn, so the innkeeper leads the way to a field where he knows some shepherds are watching their flocks. Maybe the shepherds can help!

The angles appeared to the shepherds, and told of their wonderful story. After the angles left the shepherds sang a beautiful song. Then the inn keeper and his guests continued on their way, while the shepherds hurried off the see the baby Jesus.

The travelers met up with the wise men (the scriptures don't specify three wise men, so we had four)

The travelers decided to join with the wise men and follow the star.

When the travelers got the the barn they found the shepherds, angles, Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus.

It took Marquette a little while to get the lighting for her camera figured out. So while she was trying to get it all set up she got tired of us just sitting there watching her. She told us to sing to her, and to her surprise we did. We all spontaneously started to sing Joy the the World, at the top of our lungs, with out discussing which song to sing. When we got the second verse no one knew the words, and we all just started to hum or sing lalala. It was a lot of fun. She was not expecting us to actually sing to her...
It was a wonderful night. Mom has this picture to set out with all her others. I think it will be one of her most treasured nativity scenes...

Christmas Favorites

~Christmas Favorites Quiz~

1. Three of your favorite Christmas carols:
"Silver Bells"
"Winter Wonderland"
"Let it Snow!"

2. Three Favorite Christmas songs:
"O Holy Night" especially when it is sung by Josh Groban
"Silent Night"
"Away in a Manger"

3. Four favorite Christmas traditions:
1) Pulling Dad out of the bed, before eating breakfast and opening up presents.

2) Taking turns placing our presents under the tree on Christmas Eve. We all take our turn to get our gifts out of hiding to place under the tree. It is so much fun to see the pile of gifts grow like that, instead of having them sitting out asking to be peeked in all through December.

3) Family Christmas Gift Exchange. We all put our names in a bowl, and then draw a new one. Some of us try to keep it a secret, who we drew, but it doesn't stay secret for long. Then doing Christmas shopping is allways fun, because there are so few chances to leave Animas to go do it, so it all gets done at one time. Then Mom is trying to pair everyone up to go do shopping, while makeing sure that no one will see any of thier gifts before Christmas morning.

4) My most favorite one started with just Marquette, Diedre, and I but now has grown to include everyone in our family (sometimes extended family too, in last year's case) except Mom. Mom loves Nativity Scenes. Every year us kids buy/make her a new one to add to her collection.

4. Three favorite holiday cookies
Hmmm... we don't really do holiday cookies....
I really like gingerbread, when it is still soft.
Chocolate chip cookies are good any time of year....
Sugar cookies, when still soft.

5. Does your Christmas tree have a theme ( snowflakes,nature, red & green, etc.) or just a collection of ornaments?
Zach's and my tree is mostly decorated with his tree ornaments. Every year growing up his Grandma would give him a new ornament. His parents gave him some too.

6. Three favorite Christmas ornaments
My favorite ornaments are on Mom and Dad's tree
There is a carving of Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus, with another scene in the bottom of their robes... a very pretty one
Mom's ceramic mice
I don't know if this counts but, I love the lights. At night I love to stay up late sitting by the tree, and doing nothing but looking at the lights.

7. Do you like snow?

8. Hot chocolate or coffee?
Hot Chocolate, with a lot of Hazelnut creamer in it!

9. Do you decorate indoors and out?
Only inside, because it is hard to decorate the outside of our apartment... though someday I am going to do the outside

10. Do you like to decorate before Thanksgiving, or after?
After... before is just way to early.... even to me

11. Name 3 things you like doing in the snow:
Build snomen
Throw a snowball or two (but not have any thrown at me)
Go walking and enjoy the winter wonderland

12. Do you usually make at least one handmade gift for someone each year?
This year I am making almost all of my gifts homemade

13. Favorite Christmas movies?
The Polar Express
The old classic Frosty the Snoman, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, and Santa Clause is Comming to Town