Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Favorites

~Christmas Favorites Quiz~

1. Three of your favorite Christmas carols:
"Silver Bells"
"Winter Wonderland"
"Let it Snow!"

2. Three Favorite Christmas songs:
"O Holy Night" especially when it is sung by Josh Groban
"Silent Night"
"Away in a Manger"

3. Four favorite Christmas traditions:
1) Pulling Dad out of the bed, before eating breakfast and opening up presents.

2) Taking turns placing our presents under the tree on Christmas Eve. We all take our turn to get our gifts out of hiding to place under the tree. It is so much fun to see the pile of gifts grow like that, instead of having them sitting out asking to be peeked in all through December.

3) Family Christmas Gift Exchange. We all put our names in a bowl, and then draw a new one. Some of us try to keep it a secret, who we drew, but it doesn't stay secret for long. Then doing Christmas shopping is allways fun, because there are so few chances to leave Animas to go do it, so it all gets done at one time. Then Mom is trying to pair everyone up to go do shopping, while makeing sure that no one will see any of thier gifts before Christmas morning.

4) My most favorite one started with just Marquette, Diedre, and I but now has grown to include everyone in our family (sometimes extended family too, in last year's case) except Mom. Mom loves Nativity Scenes. Every year us kids buy/make her a new one to add to her collection.

4. Three favorite holiday cookies
Hmmm... we don't really do holiday cookies....
I really like gingerbread, when it is still soft.
Chocolate chip cookies are good any time of year....
Sugar cookies, when still soft.

5. Does your Christmas tree have a theme ( snowflakes,nature, red & green, etc.) or just a collection of ornaments?
Zach's and my tree is mostly decorated with his tree ornaments. Every year growing up his Grandma would give him a new ornament. His parents gave him some too.

6. Three favorite Christmas ornaments
My favorite ornaments are on Mom and Dad's tree
There is a carving of Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus, with another scene in the bottom of their robes... a very pretty one
Mom's ceramic mice
I don't know if this counts but, I love the lights. At night I love to stay up late sitting by the tree, and doing nothing but looking at the lights.

7. Do you like snow?

8. Hot chocolate or coffee?
Hot Chocolate, with a lot of Hazelnut creamer in it!

9. Do you decorate indoors and out?
Only inside, because it is hard to decorate the outside of our apartment... though someday I am going to do the outside

10. Do you like to decorate before Thanksgiving, or after?
After... before is just way to early.... even to me

11. Name 3 things you like doing in the snow:
Build snomen
Throw a snowball or two (but not have any thrown at me)
Go walking and enjoy the winter wonderland

12. Do you usually make at least one handmade gift for someone each year?
This year I am making almost all of my gifts homemade

13. Favorite Christmas movies?
The Polar Express
The old classic Frosty the Snoman, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, and Santa Clause is Comming to Town

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  1. Mom loves Nativity scenes as well. :) She always tries to add one to her collection each year.
    Cute, thanks for sharing!
    Love, Rebecca