Friday, December 3, 2010

Nativty 2009

Every year my siblings and I give my mom a Nativity for her collection. Last years is going to be pretty hard to top. We had the whole family involved, almost all of Uncle Jeff and Aunt Denise's family, plus another cousin or two to help us. And, with that many people geting ready (14-15 people were running around in costumes trying to stay away from the windows of the trailer... and get costume stuff out of the trailer... with out Mom suspecting anything), and setting up, we still managed to keep it a secret from Mom. (I stole the pictures and some of the text from Marquette's facebook page):

We left a box of costumes and a "scroll" with directions on the table and when all of us kids were in place and ready, we called the parents and told them where the box was and to open it and follow the directions. Mom didn't know any of what was to come, and the other 3 (Dad, Uncle Jeff and Aunt Denise) had a slight idea.

The innkeeper talking to the travelers.

No room at the inn, so the innkeeper leads the way to a field where he knows some shepherds are watching their flocks. Maybe the shepherds can help!

The angles appeared to the shepherds, and told of their wonderful story. After the angles left the shepherds sang a beautiful song. Then the inn keeper and his guests continued on their way, while the shepherds hurried off the see the baby Jesus.

The travelers met up with the wise men (the scriptures don't specify three wise men, so we had four)

The travelers decided to join with the wise men and follow the star.

When the travelers got the the barn they found the shepherds, angles, Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus.

It took Marquette a little while to get the lighting for her camera figured out. So while she was trying to get it all set up she got tired of us just sitting there watching her. She told us to sing to her, and to her surprise we did. We all spontaneously started to sing Joy the the World, at the top of our lungs, with out discussing which song to sing. When we got the second verse no one knew the words, and we all just started to hum or sing lalala. It was a lot of fun. She was not expecting us to actually sing to her...
It was a wonderful night. Mom has this picture to set out with all her others. I think it will be one of her most treasured nativity scenes...

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