Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wyler's First Halloween and Life in General

I love Jack-0-lanterns. I couldn't come up with my own design that I liked, so I found a template off the internet. This is probably my favorite jack-o-lantern I have ever made...

My mom volunteered to make Wyler's and my costumes. Wyler was the cutest spider I have ever seen (usually spiders creep me out), and I was the web.

Nina was hanging out with me while we were going shopping with Mom. Now, Nina is the kind of girl who likes the big sunglasses... for which she takes a lot of teasing. The big sunglasses look almost like bug eyes. Especially when worn by this guy:

I love Wyler's smiles. But when ever I pull out a camera to try to get a picture of him smiling all I get is:

But after hard work I can get a smile from him!

Once again I tried to get a smile picture. Not gonna happy so easily...

I let Marquette hold Wyler, and she decided it was time to play dress up...

And last picture... I got my hair cut.

Friday, October 28, 2011

2x4 Pumpkins

A few awesome cousins and I got together and made some fun pumpkin decorations. Jessica Webb had learned how to do this in her Evening Relief Society (I'm pretty sure that is where she said she learned this), and she taught the rest of us how to make them.

What you need:
2 2x4s 6 in. long
2 2x4s 4.5 in. long
1 1.5x1.5x1.5 piece of 2x4
wood glue
orange and brown paint
scrap-booking paper in autumn shades

1. Sand the cut edges of the 2x4s to remove any rough places from the saw
2. Water down your orange and brown paints (so they are more of a wash... you want to be able to see the grain through the paint), and paint your pieces of wood. The four longest pieces get orange, and the small piece should be brown.

3. Pick out your scrapbook paper color scheme, and trim them to strips. You will need 4 strips just shorter than 6in., and 4 strips just shorter than 4.5 in.
4. Using either non-watered down brown paint, or a flame distress the edges of your papers. I have one side of my pumpkin where I used paint to distress the paper strips, and the other side I burned the edges (the paper burns very quickly, so you need to use extra caution).

5. Assemble your pumpkin as shown below,with the stem centered on the top. Glue pieces together.

6. Glue the papers onto either side of pumpkin.

7. If desired a decoration of ribbon, silk leaves, yarn, etc. can be put around the stem.

This project is very adaptable... for example, Jessica already had a pumpkin, so instead of painting the one she made with us orange, she used red and made and apple. If the lengths are adjusted a Christmas tree can be created.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

My life

Well, my life has pretty much been revolving around my family the past two months. I dont' have a lot of new things to report. Mostly just Wyler pictures and videos...

Jessica, Kelleen, Llisel and I were doing pumpkin crafts yesterday. Wyler ended up sleeping the whole time. Right about the time we were all finishing our pumpkins Zach came home from work, and Wyler woke up fussing to eat. I went to go get him, when Zach walked out of the nursery holding Wyler. Whenever Wyler looked at Daddy's messy face he would grin real big. But then he'd look at me with a look that said I had better feed him soon. Then he would look back at Dad and start to grin again. It was pretty funny seeing his reaction to Zach's after work look...

Grandma Darla and Grandpa Theron watch Wyler on Tuesday nights. He almost always comes home with a new pair of pjs from Grandma.

He got a super cute outfit from Grandma Paralee, so I thought I would dress him in it for the day and snap a few pics... that way she could see him in it.

I put him on his tummy, wanting to get a picture of him holding his head up for the camera, but instead all I got was him talking to me, and staring at the camera that kept flashing at him...

I played a video of Wyler crying, at the same time he was crying. As soon as he heard himself he stopped crying, and tried to find the other baby...

Monday, September 26, 2011

Wyler's Blessing Day

On Sunday, September 25, was Wyler's blessing, (kind of like his christening...). After church my family, and one set of Grandparents came over for lunch and to visit.

Grandma Darla bought Wyler his first Sunday outfit

He has some pretty blue eyes...

Wyler and Daddy

This is the four generation picture
from right to left:

Grandpa Scott, Wyler, Great-Grandpa Darrow Richins, and Me (Mommy)

Wyler with one of his classy Grandmas

These other pictures are some that I took just for fun.

He really likes his tummy time

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Monkey See, Monkey Do

I have to start out by saying that I love being a Mother! It is so fun to watch Wyler's progress as he grows, and learns. He is ever more alert, and paying close attention to everything. One of the things that makes me smile is that he tries to imitate whom ever he is watching at the time. He will attempt to hold the bottle when he eats, doesn't quite succeed with his little hands, but he will reach up and hold on to it. Night before last Zach was playing with him. They were both on their tummies, and Zach was trying to get Wyler to lift his head, and such. Zach would lift his head, while encouraging Wyler to do so. When Wyler would we'd both cheer him on, which would make him do it again. Then Zach got up on all fours and was talking to Wyler about crawling. Pretty soon Wyler's back legs were making crawling motions, and he was attempting to get his arms under him, it looked like. Even though he obviously can't crawl yet, he was trying to copy his dad, and go through the motions. It is so sweet to watch the two together. (I'd post pics, but all the times that Zach holds Wyler, he is just in his garments, and pajama pants, so he asks that I refrain from getting pics, because he's immodest... it is too bad really, because they are so sweet together.) Every now and then I will get a smile from him while I am smiling at him. But I am afraid it is just a happy coincidence of gas at the same time I am smiling at him....
Yesterday was Wyler's one month birthday. It was celebrated by going to the doctors, then playing at Grandma Darla's work. At birth Wyler was 7 pounds 7 ounces, now he is 9 pounds, and I think the scale said 15 ounces. He started out 19 inches long, and he is now 22 inches long. And instead of his birth size, 14 inch head, he now has a 15 inch head. He is at the 50th percentile, which is where he should be with his weight and such.
I will post pictures of him soon. I just need to get a few more before I do.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Beautiful Miracles

Tuesday I woke up at 3 in the morning to my water breaking. We called the our parents and headed into the hospital. 6 hours later Wyler Arthur Hansen was in my arms, wailing his little heart out. He is 7 pounds 7 ounces, and 19 inches long. His head is 14 inches around.

I had started to have very light contractions over the weekend which dialted me to about 6 cm. When my water broke it took a couple minutes for me to have a contraction, and it too was a mild, not quite painful contraction. The no pain contractions ended though with the next one. I was admitted, hooked to the machine for a while, then I got to get into the rocking chair and rock for a good while. Mom Richins showed up about two hours after my water broke, so we got to visit with her. Mom Hansen showed up a couple hours later.

When the time came to push it took only twelve minutes for Wyler to make his appearance. I had been making good progress with pushing when his heart rate dropped. After giving me an oxygen mask, and having me stop pushing for a couple contractions it was decided that he needed a little help making it into the world. They stuck a suction cup on his head, and the next thing I knew he was being laid in my arms. I was able to make it through the whole labor and delivery with the only pain killer that I was given was for when I was stitched back together.

This last picture is of my nephew Erik. Look at the size difference between the two...

Monday, August 15, 2011

Erik Mower's Blanket

This blanket took me a long time to crochet. I had to crochet something like 81 blocks, then stitch them together, then crochet around the edge...

I started by making about 41 of square A:

Then I made 20 of square B:

Then I needed to make 20 of square C (yes there is a difference between squares B and C):

Then once they were sewn together I crocheted around the edge with the normal stitch, then I did a reverse crochet all the way around. It looks really neat, though I am afraid that the photo doesn't show it very well.

I managed to finish this blanket about three days before Erik was born. Only I felt like I probably ought to hold on to it until they came down to visit on their way to Mississippi. Otherwise it would get to their Idaho house a couple days after they left... which would then take that much longer to be forwarded on to their new home.

I am rather proud of my self for doing this project. This was very time consuming, there were a couple times I wanted to quit, because it didn't seem like I would ever reach the end. But all in all it was a ton of fun to do!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Babies, Babies, Life, and More Babies....

If anyone spends any length of time talking to me, they will discover that the thing sitting the heaviest on my mind is babies... other people's babies, my baby, babies in general. You ask any guy, and they get tired of hearing about babies all the time. You ask another expectant/new mother and they smile and say that it is completely natural. Anyone else, something tells me it is annoying for them to hear about nothing but babies.... So if you are tired of hearing about babies then this post isn't for you...... or you should just skip the first half... :-)

I got to go spend the day in Animas yesterday, visiting with my wonderful family, which included Diedre, Ethan, and Erik. They had stopped in Animas on their way to Mississippi for a chance to visit and show off Erik. I only got to hold him for a little while, but I am wrapped around his finger... he is such a cutie patootie!! He is a skinny baby, which makes him look even longer than he is. He has a ton of soft, dark hair. Right now his eyes are a dark smokey blue, and I hope they stay that color. Except for his coloring, I see Diedre when ever I look at his little face. Most of the time he was as stretched out as he could be. But after nursing he curled up in a ball and was quite the little snugler.

Makes me even more excited for my little one to get here. I have two more weeks until my due date. I am hoping he makes an early appearance. Zach wants him to wait until the 27th, since Zach's birthday is 2/27 and mine is 12/27.
Zach has been so good about taking care of me. He makes sure I don't overdo it, that I don't get over heated. Last night he told me that when I do go into labor, if he is not home I am to call him, and then call no one else. He wants to be first on the scene to take care of me. Once he gets home other phone calls/texts could be made. I thought that is super sweet of him. He used say he didn't want to be in the labor delivery room with me, because he didn't think he could handle seeing me in so much pain. But now he is determined to be the first home to take care of me, and that he is going to sit in the labor and delivery room with me (though he is determined that the only place he will be looking the whole time will be at my face, and nothing going on any lower down...). He is such a sweet, wonderful husband! I am so blessed to have him.
Yesterday I was thinking about how the first half of my marriage compares to the second half (I've been married two years and 5 months). I have been noticing more and more over the past several months things that I am surprised I hadn't noticed the first year. How we are starting to compromise more on different issues, that in the past we didn't think too much on. Little things he does that bug me (such as leaving the Otter Pop tops laying on the counter, and not put in the trash...). Things he does that make me smile (songs he sings, how he will randomly dance with me in the kitchen as I make dinner, places he takes me, when he brings me flowers... which I sadly struggle to keep alive... how much he worries and wants to take care of me the further into my pregnancy I get, the list just goes on and on!). Habits that we have formed, some that I wish I hadn't had such a big part in developing (dishing and bringing him his dinner every night, and getting up to dish his seconds for him, instead of making him do it...). We used to fall asleep snuggling, well at least I would... Zach would move as soon as I fall asleep to revive his numb arm... now we'll snuggle at night for a few minutes before moving to our own sides of the bed. It is just amazing how much can, and does, change from year to year in a marriage. My favorite change is that every day I grow more and more in love with Zach. It's kinda funny how his little quirks, even the annoying ones, grow on me, and I come to look forward to them (well most of them).
My oldest sister and her husband just celebrated their 5th anniversary. I hope that when Zach's and mine roll around that we are as happy and in love with each other as they are. They decided to hold a dance to celebrate. Marquette came over the day before to do a photo shoot and get ready for the dance. Cameron wasn't able to show up until the very beginning of the dance. When he walked in to the church gym the smile on Marquette's face grew, and she was so happy to see him that she seemed to glow. It was so fun to watch. Through out the night they moved from group to group visiting with the guests, most of the time they were on opposite sides of the room. Then all of the sudden, they would just look at each other, and with out saying anything to the other they would both move to the dance floor for a song or two. It was a lot of fun to watch them, and see how much they love each other and consider the other as their bestest friend in the world. I used to think that their relationship was rather odd. They didn't seem to mind spending time apart, even up to several days apart. They never have been mushy, not even when they were first married. Now I look at them and see how their relationship was built, from the very beginning on friendship. That long before they even liked each other they were best friends. When I look at them I can see how it has shaped their marriage... how it would bring them closer together, and make their love for each other even deeper. Congrats Marquette and Cameron on your 5 years together!

Friday, August 5, 2011

My House

So I finally got some pictures of my house, though it isn't as clean as I was hoping to have it when I got the pics...

This is the view from the front door:

The Living Room:

My Kitchen and Office:

Dining Room:

Master Bedroom:

Master Bathroom and Shower:

Guest Bathroom:

Spare Bedroom/Craft Room:

Baby's Room:

My sister, Marquette, made these awesome mobiles for me... I love 'em!!