Friday, February 11, 2011


Music has touched me in so many ways through out my life. It makes me happy when I am sad, or upset. It has helped me to carry the Spirit with me through out my day. I delight in making music. I especially love music that glorifies my Father in Heaven and His Son, Jesus Christ.
I just updated my playlist for this blog. It is filled with many of my favorite religious songs. There are a couple that have clips from past General Conferences attached to them. I love it! The clips just add to the message of the song. One of the songs is a fun one, from Liken's David and Goliath (wonderful movies that present scripture stories in a memorable way for children... they are so going into my movie collection...). All the other songs, however, are more spiritual. I hope you enjoy them all. I hope they bring the Lord's Spirit into your home. Music is truly a gift from Him. I hope to continue adding my favorite songs to this list over the next couple of days, so please keep listening!
I have to admit I am glad that Zach wasn't here watching me put the song list together. He would have laughed at me. Pregnancy hormones are starting to kick in. For many of these songs, in the past when I heard them I would get a tingle up my back because I loved them so. Today I kept tearing up...

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