Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hobby #1

Ah! Spring is in the air!!! We are past the danger of frosts, so it is safe to plant your garden. You pull out your rototiller, borrow one from a friend, or go rent one. Next decision, how big is the garden going to be? As much as you can till before it gets to warm outside? Bigger than your neighbors? However much you can get done in an hour before you have to return it? Then next you have to amend your soil. Time to spread that smelly manure, vermiculite, and other soil amenders. Then you have to create rows, and plant your seeds. Then all you have to do is water it and sit back for a few weeks. Then once the plants have sprouted you have to thin and transplant, weed, and as plants get bigger you have to stake them up. It seems like there is never ending work to be done on one's garden. Most of the gardens I see look great up until mid to late June. By then the weeds have taken over, it is too much work to weed and water. Either that or it is just too hot to do anything.
In one of my older posts ( I discussed my need to find good, productive hobbies. While, here is my first effort at finding a good hobby...

I am determined to have a nice looking garden, through the whole spring, summer, and fall. If I can I would love to put one in at my new house this year, but I am most likely going to have to wait. The only problem is that I get started with lots of excitement on projects like this, and then it all fizzles away as soon as the weeds start coming in. Plus we can't afford a big water bill, so the garden can't be a big one. What to do...
I have started to read up on Square Foot Gardening. It sounds so simple! I would be able to grow just as much, if not more food, in my little square foot garden that I would be able to grow in your traditional garden that is five times as big. It would require no thinning, easy watering, little weeding. It makes so much sense to plant in this way. One would put in so little money, compared to a big traditional garden, and still have the same size harvest. It sounds ideal for me. It is something I am definitely going to have to try.
My very first garden was a major bust. I kill just about every plant that I have planted/been given. I am determined to have a successful garden every year, with most if not all of my plants surviving. So as I work on my garden this year, whether it is just prepping for next years garden, or if I actually get to start planting this year, many of my posts will be about how to do Square Foot Gardening, and if it works as well as it sounds. And to add to the garden I am going to start my own compost pile. That way I can keep the soil in my garden rich, year after year while spending minimal amounts of money.

If anyone has any tips or advice on Square Foot Gardening and/or composting please feel free to share! I want to be as successful as possible!

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