Monday, April 11, 2011

Life is good!

Ahhh! Feels good to be back in the Gila Valley!!

Other than accidentally leaving two boxes behind in Globe, the move went smoothly. Zach and I are staying at his parents house while we wait on our house to be ready to move in. We still have some painting to do (cutting in around the ceiling, and the trim both inside and out). The new windows need to be put in, along with the flooring. Also the new ac/heating unit needs to be installed... and my kitchen needs counter tops. By the end of next week it should be ready!

Saturday, May 9th, my parents came over from Animas, and we had a few friends show up as well, and we had a big fun work party. It was a lot of fun. Thanks to all those who helped out!

Yesterday after church Zach and I stopped by the house j
ust to walk through it. As we were walking through I started to talk to him about where all the furniture is going to go, and how I am going to decorate the baby's room, and which draw
ers in the kitchen will hold what. He was good to humor me, and not laugh. So in return we went into the garage, and he told me where he was going to put what tool/toolbox.

I am getting pretty itchy to start on the baby's room... I am having trouble waiting to buy baby stuff until after we move in, since there is nowhere to put anything else right now. I am going to start to hit yard sales soon. I am going to try to get a lot of stuff for cheap... such as the baby's be, a swing, etc.

These next two pictures are from my last ultrasound, at 19 weeks one day.

For those of you who haven't heard, it's a boy!

The baby, as of then, is 10 ounces. I wasn't told how long he is though. It is so exciting!!!

Well, that is all that is new in the Hansen home... Life has been good to us so far!


  1. Yeah! I hadn't heard you were pregant!!!! I am so happy for you!
    And on top of that, a new house!
    Love you Dear :D

  2. Way to go on the Blog! Very nice! I'm so glad to hear all is going well with the house, babay, Zach, etc. Let us know when you are moving in and decorating, perhaps we could make a trip down to see you! xoxo
    Josh and Hefner =)