Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I love life!!!

Well, the house is pretty much done!!! Other than painting the doors inside the house (which I should probably be doing now instead of sitting at the computer all morning), a tiny bit of touch up painting, one light switch that needs changing, and fixing some of the soffet outside we are done!!! Oh, also we need to fix the water line that goes to our fridge so we can use our ice maker... The only thing we are waiting on to move in would be the underwriters at the loan company. We have to hear from them on whether or not the house is up to USDA loan standards. I am so anxious to move in! The house is gorgeous, I will post pictures later. Thank you to all of our family and friends who have helped out so much!! We couldn't have done it with out you!

The baby is moving a lot more now. According to What to Expect When Your Expecting he is about two pounds, and 9+ inches long (from head to rump). His eyes are starting to open... if I were to shine a bright light at my tummy, or make a loud noise he might react and start kicking a lot... :-) Zach has yet to feel the baby though.... well, he thinks he may have felt the baby, but isn't sure. He said he just felt some flutterings, and nothing that feels like a kick. I am hoping he will feel him soon... especially since I want Zach to feel him before I let anyone else try.

Me at 26 weeks (or 6 months)

I passed my classes this semester. I am now officially graduated from EAC with my associates (I walked in graduation last spring, but I had a deficit of 6 credit hours). It feels good to be out for the summer. My mind has yet to get wrapped around the fact that I am done with school for who knows how long... I am not going to try school in the fall, since the baby will be born right after school starts. So I am not sure when I will get back to working on my bachelors degree.

Zach is doing well in his apprenticeship. He is part of a pilot group in an apprenticeship unlike any other that Freeport McMoran has ever done. It is very competitive, and at least one other mechanic has been kicked out, for falling asleep in class. He is the only one of the diesel mechanics who has actually worked on the equipment before, so he has a head start over all the others. He is the only one of the diesel mechanics (there are some fixed plant mechanic apprentices and electric apprentices as well in the program) who is working at Safford. The others, I don't remember if there are 28 diesel mechanics, or just 28 apprentices total, are all over at Morenci. This apprentices ship is very challenging, and competitive. If he doesn't show 100% dedication to the program, or any other number of things, he could get kicked out. All in all I think he is enjoying work though.
One of his teachers (he is in class on Mondays and Tuesdays) likes to give lateral thinking problems. Here are a few... if anyone can figure them out than kudos to you!!! If you need to ask questions you can only ask yes or no questions... and please let me know which word problem you are asking about.

  1. The music stops, and a woman dies. What happened?
  2. A man lives on the tenth floor of his building. He takes the elevator all the way down in the mornings. But when he returns to his apartment he travels only to the eighth floor in the elevator, and climbs the stairs the rest of the way, unless it is raining or he has someone with him. Why?
Those are the only two I can remember well enough to post with out Zach right here telling me them. Good luck