Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Update on the life of the Hansen Family

Well, we got all the papers for our house signed yesterday! I am so glad to be done with all the paper work... Now to get all the utilities changed over...
As of today I am 29 weeks along. The little guy has got to where he doesn't kick as much... but he sure wiggles a lot! Also I actually look like I am pregnant now... but I don't really look like seven months pregnant. Now that we are in our house I actually have room to put the things I buy for the baby... time to go hit yard sales in earnest now!! I all ready have some great yard sale finds... I will post pics (along with house pics) as soon as we have Internet at our own house...
Our neighbors, the Prestwich's, have been really good to us. They are great friends. They helped us move in. Chris helped Zach replace the water heater. Aubry invited me to a Shelf Reliance food storage party. And last night Zach and I were invited to join them and several other young married couples for Family Home Evening. It was a ton of fun. At first all us adults entertained the Prestwich boys (ages two and almost one). But as soon as they went to bed we pulled out the games. The Monopoly card game is a blast! One that I am going to have to add to my collection... along with It Came to Pass.
I almost got to spend the week with my awesome brothers. However, because of GEAR UP (a summer camp Marquette teaches at) they weren't able to come. Another week though... I can't wait to start to hang out with my younger siblings more. It will be a ton of fun.
Well, that is all that is new in the lives of Zach and Carolyn. Hope you all have an excellent week!