Monday, August 15, 2011

Erik Mower's Blanket

This blanket took me a long time to crochet. I had to crochet something like 81 blocks, then stitch them together, then crochet around the edge...

I started by making about 41 of square A:

Then I made 20 of square B:

Then I needed to make 20 of square C (yes there is a difference between squares B and C):

Then once they were sewn together I crocheted around the edge with the normal stitch, then I did a reverse crochet all the way around. It looks really neat, though I am afraid that the photo doesn't show it very well.

I managed to finish this blanket about three days before Erik was born. Only I felt like I probably ought to hold on to it until they came down to visit on their way to Mississippi. Otherwise it would get to their Idaho house a couple days after they left... which would then take that much longer to be forwarded on to their new home.

I am rather proud of my self for doing this project. This was very time consuming, there were a couple times I wanted to quit, because it didn't seem like I would ever reach the end. But all in all it was a ton of fun to do!

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  1. Oh, lovely job, Carolyn!! I actually prefer blankets that do the granny square because I at least feel like I have 'finished' something (the block), instead of just seeing 100 more rows to go on an afgan! It is beautiful, and you did an amazing job. Good job for sticking to it! I tend to do that a lot, where I want to just quit.. but, I bet Diedre will just love it and little Erik will be nice and warm this winter. :)