Friday, October 28, 2011

2x4 Pumpkins

A few awesome cousins and I got together and made some fun pumpkin decorations. Jessica Webb had learned how to do this in her Evening Relief Society (I'm pretty sure that is where she said she learned this), and she taught the rest of us how to make them.

What you need:
2 2x4s 6 in. long
2 2x4s 4.5 in. long
1 1.5x1.5x1.5 piece of 2x4
wood glue
orange and brown paint
scrap-booking paper in autumn shades

1. Sand the cut edges of the 2x4s to remove any rough places from the saw
2. Water down your orange and brown paints (so they are more of a wash... you want to be able to see the grain through the paint), and paint your pieces of wood. The four longest pieces get orange, and the small piece should be brown.

3. Pick out your scrapbook paper color scheme, and trim them to strips. You will need 4 strips just shorter than 6in., and 4 strips just shorter than 4.5 in.
4. Using either non-watered down brown paint, or a flame distress the edges of your papers. I have one side of my pumpkin where I used paint to distress the paper strips, and the other side I burned the edges (the paper burns very quickly, so you need to use extra caution).

5. Assemble your pumpkin as shown below,with the stem centered on the top. Glue pieces together.

6. Glue the papers onto either side of pumpkin.

7. If desired a decoration of ribbon, silk leaves, yarn, etc. can be put around the stem.

This project is very adaptable... for example, Jessica already had a pumpkin, so instead of painting the one she made with us orange, she used red and made and apple. If the lengths are adjusted a Christmas tree can be created.

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