Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wyler's First Halloween and Life in General

I love Jack-0-lanterns. I couldn't come up with my own design that I liked, so I found a template off the internet. This is probably my favorite jack-o-lantern I have ever made...

My mom volunteered to make Wyler's and my costumes. Wyler was the cutest spider I have ever seen (usually spiders creep me out), and I was the web.

Nina was hanging out with me while we were going shopping with Mom. Now, Nina is the kind of girl who likes the big sunglasses... for which she takes a lot of teasing. The big sunglasses look almost like bug eyes. Especially when worn by this guy:

I love Wyler's smiles. But when ever I pull out a camera to try to get a picture of him smiling all I get is:

But after hard work I can get a smile from him!

Once again I tried to get a smile picture. Not gonna happy so easily...

I let Marquette hold Wyler, and she decided it was time to play dress up...

And last picture... I got my hair cut.