Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Little Drummer Boy

You're all probably tired of baby posts. Sadly there hasn't been a lot going on in my life other than baby stuff lately. So here is another baby post. (In the next day or two I will have a non-baby related blog post coming up)

While cooking dinner a week or two ago I put Wyler in his Bumbo seat up on the counter with me. I then handed him a wire whisk to play with while I cooked.

First he studied it

And then the drumming commenced

Let's just say that the wall, counter, and cupboards weren't the only things to be smacked repeatedly...

Sunday, January 1, 2012

100 Goals for 2012

I've seen other people complete/work on a 100 items to do this year lists. I thought I would give it a try. See how much I can accomplish this year.

1. Have a Premier Designs Jewelry and Cookie Party
2. Stick to my FlyLady routines every day, for one month (since is takes 21 days to form a habit)
3. Sew curtains for my front room
4. Grow a successful garden (that means I have to harvest from it, not just keep it half alive)
5. Finish Zach's mission scrapbook
6. Cook a new food once a month
January - steamed salmon
7. Sew three articles of clothing
8. Have at least two, two week facebook fasts
9. Read at least one book a month
January - Inheritance
10. Reach a weight of 140 lbs.
11. Make a new decoration for each major holiday
12. Explore Discovery Park
13. Read the news once a week for a month
14. Exercise every day for a month
15. Attend the temple at least once a month
January 21
16. Practice piano at least twice a week for a month
17. Pay for someone behind me in the drive-thru
18. Go on at least three hikes
19. Go on 2 two week sugar fasts
20. Go 24 hours with out saying anything negative about anyone, including myself
21. Go 24 hours with out making any excuses
22. Limit TV to only Wednesday and Saturday, unless it is a special occasion (movie theater or double date) on Fridays.
23. Sew Wyler's Halloween costume
24. Expand our year supply at least once a month
25. Go one month without soda, no matter what the occasion may be
26. Drink at least 56 oz (about 7 cups) of water everyday for two weeks
27. Throw another barbecue
28. Have a Christmas open house
29. Have a special dinner for the Winter Solstice
30. Have a special dinner for the Summer Solstice
31. Use everything in my Bountiful Baskets for three baskets in a row (if I know I can't use it all, then I will give away what I can'd use, so it won't go bad)
32. Go to a session of General Conference
33. Go camping twice
34. Have a family get together for Wyler's birthday
35. Make a cake from scratch
36. Go to Spring Sing
37. Go to Fall Sing
38. Get to where I walk 10,000 (roughly five miles) steps a day, at least 2 days a week.
39. Do the 12 Weeks of Christmas, where I perform an act of service for each of the 12 weeks leading up to Christmas
40. Make the chocolate cake I made in culinary arts in Oregon (don't remember the name of it... three layers: 1st layer a chocolate hazelnut crunch layer, 2nd layer chocolate cake, 3rd layer chocolate mousse, decorated with melted chocolate)
41. Make a Christmas present for each family member (better start this one early in the year so I can have time to finish it... lol)
42. Finish reading the Old Testament
43. Read the New Testament
44. Write in my journal every day for a month
45. Make a Christmas Advent Calendar
46. Send out a care package to all my missionary relatives
47. Have a booth at the Cowboy Christmas
48. Make and deliver Valentine treats
49. Make and deliver Christmas treats
50. Have at least three baking days where I invite a friend/cousin to come bake with me
51. Finish painting the doors in my house
52. Hang the curtains in all the bedrooms
53. Keep an Gratitude Journal every day for a month
54. Give a genuine complement to 10 random people every day for a week
55. Shine my sink at the end of the day, every day for two weeks
56. Go to the Pioneer Day celebrations
57. Read the entire Ensign every month
58. Embroider a set of dish towels
59. Learn to knit
60. Start doing our genealogy
61. Sew a denim quilt/blanket for Zach
62. Sew a table runner for each season
63. Remove the paint from the front doorknob
64. Remove the paint from the floor
65. Go to Mississippi to see Diedre, Ethan, and Erik
66. Go to bed at 9 pm every night for a week
67. Get all my house work done before lunch every day for a week
68. Keep up with the filing so our desk doesn't overflow for a month
69. Do my visiting teaching every month
70. Cook a formal, three course meal for at least two guests
71. Go to a Broadway show at the Gammage Auditorium in Phoenix
72. Be able to do a real, non sissy style, push up
73. Be able to do a pull up
74. Touch my toes, while sitting down with my feet straight out in front of me
75. Be able to run a mile without dying a quarter of the way through
76. Be able to touch my toes/the floor while standing with my feet together
77. Visit Josh and Jennifer Smith in Albuquerque
78. Be able to wear size 10 pants again
79. Be able to fit into my wedding dress
80. Fix my hair, do my makeup, and dress up like I am going to go out on the town, every day of the week, even if I am only staying at home
81. Take Wyler to the trunk-or-treat for Halloween
82. Have a Halloween themed dinner with friends before going trunk-or-treating
83. Start Wyler in cloth diapers
84. Make my own baby food, instead of buying it, for a month
85. Compile our 31 favorite recipes into a binder for quick references
86. Make sure we always have the non-perishable ingredients on hand to make those 31 meals
87. Keep an inventory of what is in my kitchen (cupboards, fridge, freezer, etc.) for one month
88. Plan my grocery shopping off of my inventory for a month
89. Keep Wyler's baby book up to date
90. Go on a ride to look at Christmas lights
91. Decorate the outside of the house
92. Go to the Light Parade
93. Go to Safford Merry Main Street
94. Cut our own Christmas tree
95. Make a Christmas wreath from real branches
96. Go to Festival of Carols
97. Go Christmas caroling
98. Take Wyler to play in the snow
99. Order Elf on the Shelf to use next Christmas
100. Accomplish 50% of this list