Monday, March 19, 2012


It is snowing in Thatcher today! I grabbed Wyler, bundled him up and hurried outside for a few minutes before his nap. He just looked around, eyes wide. I hope it is still snowing when he wakes up. I love snow! (since I don't have to deal with it too much in Arizona I am allowed to love it!) I'll post more pictures when we are done playing in it after Wyler's nap.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Quick Results Not Guaranteed

For quite awhile now I have not been pleased with myself. During my first year of marriage I put on 30 pounds. *ugh I hate admitting this!* I have tried off and on to loose the weight, but because I wasn't seeing results as quickly as I wanted I would give up. Then, finally I started to see results. I was loosing weight!! A day or two later I peed on a stick and found out that I was pregnant. Well there goes those results. I now had to gain weight. Fast forward about nine months... The baby was here and I was loosing weight really fast. I was loving it! Except for the fact that I wasn't producing enough milk for Wyler. So I had to start to eat more. Which ended up back firing and I gained back a lot of the weight I had just lost. A few months later I decided to try the Atkins diet. I wouldn't be scrimping on calories so I should be able to keep nursing, but I should see results pretty quick. Well, I didn't make it 24 hours. I had the Atkins Flu so bad. I was shaking and was afraid to walk the three steps from my nursing chair to the crib after nursing, I feared I might drop Wyler! That one day did help me to loose about 5 pounds, but once again my efforts to re-level my blood sugar backfired. Since then I have not really tried much. I have given excuse after excuse.
This past Sunday Zach and I were watching a few food shows (Food Matters, Forks Over Knives, and Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead). They all talked about the importance of watching what goes in your mouth. A big emphasis was on eating less meat and processed foods. We decided that we are going to change our diet. Instead of eating a meat based diet we are going to switch to a vegetable based diet. No we are not going to cut out all meat, we are just going to try to eat less of it. Maybe only once or twice a week will I prepare a dish with meat. We are cutting out processed foods. If I do any baking (which I love to do) I will limit myself to only one sweet treat a month, and I will use fresh ground wheat flour as much as possible.
Zach so far has been true to the diet. Me, I am struggling a little. I have been thinking of excuse after excuse again.


Here the excuses end. Starting right now I am going to eat healthier. I am going to be more active. Even though I can't loose weight quickly while breastfeeding I can still loose weight. If I work on making healthy eating our lifestyle, and not just an every now and then thing when I want to loose weight, I don't have to try to change my children's food preferences.

I am committing to keeping a food journal. I will write down everything I eat, every day. I will do so for a month, at least. I will write down my failures and triumphs. I will log how many minutes of activity I do each day. I will focus on becoming more healthy and not on the number of pounds I loose. If I loose weight great, if not I can live with where I am now (as long as I feel good and healthy).

On the hope that I loose weight/inches the big ugly numbers I am starting this journey to health on are:
Weight: 169 pounds
Waist: 36.75 inches
Thighs: 23.25 inches
Upper arms: 13 inches