Friday, March 9, 2012

Quick Results Not Guaranteed

For quite awhile now I have not been pleased with myself. During my first year of marriage I put on 30 pounds. *ugh I hate admitting this!* I have tried off and on to loose the weight, but because I wasn't seeing results as quickly as I wanted I would give up. Then, finally I started to see results. I was loosing weight!! A day or two later I peed on a stick and found out that I was pregnant. Well there goes those results. I now had to gain weight. Fast forward about nine months... The baby was here and I was loosing weight really fast. I was loving it! Except for the fact that I wasn't producing enough milk for Wyler. So I had to start to eat more. Which ended up back firing and I gained back a lot of the weight I had just lost. A few months later I decided to try the Atkins diet. I wouldn't be scrimping on calories so I should be able to keep nursing, but I should see results pretty quick. Well, I didn't make it 24 hours. I had the Atkins Flu so bad. I was shaking and was afraid to walk the three steps from my nursing chair to the crib after nursing, I feared I might drop Wyler! That one day did help me to loose about 5 pounds, but once again my efforts to re-level my blood sugar backfired. Since then I have not really tried much. I have given excuse after excuse.
This past Sunday Zach and I were watching a few food shows (Food Matters, Forks Over Knives, and Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead). They all talked about the importance of watching what goes in your mouth. A big emphasis was on eating less meat and processed foods. We decided that we are going to change our diet. Instead of eating a meat based diet we are going to switch to a vegetable based diet. No we are not going to cut out all meat, we are just going to try to eat less of it. Maybe only once or twice a week will I prepare a dish with meat. We are cutting out processed foods. If I do any baking (which I love to do) I will limit myself to only one sweet treat a month, and I will use fresh ground wheat flour as much as possible.
Zach so far has been true to the diet. Me, I am struggling a little. I have been thinking of excuse after excuse again.


Here the excuses end. Starting right now I am going to eat healthier. I am going to be more active. Even though I can't loose weight quickly while breastfeeding I can still loose weight. If I work on making healthy eating our lifestyle, and not just an every now and then thing when I want to loose weight, I don't have to try to change my children's food preferences.

I am committing to keeping a food journal. I will write down everything I eat, every day. I will do so for a month, at least. I will write down my failures and triumphs. I will log how many minutes of activity I do each day. I will focus on becoming more healthy and not on the number of pounds I loose. If I loose weight great, if not I can live with where I am now (as long as I feel good and healthy).

On the hope that I loose weight/inches the big ugly numbers I am starting this journey to health on are:
Weight: 169 pounds
Waist: 36.75 inches
Thighs: 23.25 inches
Upper arms: 13 inches


  1. You are very hard on yourself. You are a beautiful young mother. You do need to be as healthy as possible, but love yourself, all of yourself, while getting healthy.

    The biggest trick is not to stop falling down, but to keep getting back up when you do slip.

    I love you! You can do anything you set your mind to.

  2. You're so awesome Carolyn! You can do anything you put your mind to! You are already so cute and so fun, feeling heathly and fit will only enhance your existing awesomeness. Tell you what, if you're craving something and need help resisting, call me and we'll get through it together. Also remember that you can't really eliminate a bad habit, but you can replace it. If you want something sweet like a brownie, don't just not eat the brownie, make yourself an all fruit smoothie, maybe even throw in a handful of spinach(you can't taste it, I promise!).

  3. All new mothers feel like you are feeling right now. We sacrifice our bodies for our babies. They are so worth it but it is hard. I know you are feeling like your body will never be the same, but I promise you it can be even better than it was before! Be patient with yourself. Eat lots of little things often, and drink tons. Drinking enough has a lot to do with milk supply too! You are a beautiful girl! It took nine months to gain baby weight, it will not come off in a few weeks! Good luck! Have fun!

  4. One more thought. When I was losing all my baby weight I had a reward waiting at the end for myself. I was in the 160's after both of my boys. I needed something to look foward to at the end ya know? I rewarded myself with a new bathing suit and two nights away in a motel with a pool.
    Like your mom said, don't be too hard on yourself. It will come off!

  5. How's it going? Check out my blog. I tagged you!