Monday, April 30, 2012

Wyler the cutest boy ever!

Granmama Hansen bought him some bunny ears for Easter.

"I don't want to go to bed!"

"Are they watching?"

"I made it!!"  (His escape was assisted by Mom and Dad)

Best Buds

Stole these from my sister Marquette

He stole my carrot and wouldn't give it back!

This boy knew he was surrounded by food, and he was constantly trying to break into the containers/bags of food.

Aunt Marquette was in town!

He could care less that I put his swim trunks on his head.

Mom's bed is the best place ever to play!

Feet make an awesome extra set of hands.

Babies are almost as fun to watch as cats when you put them in/near a box.

Ready for family pictures!

"I'm stuck!"

"This is the coolest truck ever!!  Almost as big as me!"

"Ready to go ride bikes, got my helmet on!"

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Snow part 2

I realized I never added the pictures I promised of the snow we got awhile back.  So here they are!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Cake Challenge

I have once again returned to the idea that I want to learn how to decorate cakes, and I hope to get to be on the same level as a professional (someday).  I have messed with cake decorating off and on since I was about 13 (I think... somewhere around that age).  Annoyingly there isn't anywhere, that I know of, in the Safford/Thatcher area.  So I am left to teach myself.  Luckily I recently (well, just this morning) acquired all three of the Wilton Course books, their Fondant and Gum Paste book, their Beginner's Candy Making book, and a couple of their magazines, and I am sooo anxious to get going on this endeavor.

It has been quite awhile since I have attempted to decorate cakes, and so I am very rusty.  I am not too terribly pleased with the first two cakes I decorated in my endeavor to reach my new cake decorating goals.

The first, which I didn't think to get a picture of till it was too late, I tested the crumb coat.  I was going to do more decorating, but I was missing several important pieces to my cake decorating kit.  So it was just plain frosted (still looked yummy, and I was told it was very yummy).

And tonight I just finished the cake for my cousin's baby shower in the morning.

Lessons I have learned from tonight's cake:

  • Bake 2 cake mixes worth of cakes so that each cake layer is not super thin
  • When trying to do tiers don't use  8 in. and 9 in. pans.  Next time use pans that have a greater difference in diameter.
  • Watch frosting consistency, otherwise the crumb layer wont work.  Neither will the decorations.
  • Keep extra frosting covered and in the fridge (if it gets too warm it melts, and I don't need the frosting on the cake, in my bag, AND the extra frosting to be too runny.  Also consistency would help that a ton too).
  • Practice writing with frosting!
Maybe I should take the label off my big can of peaches, and practice my frosting techniques on that while I am in between cakes.  Then I can just scrape the frosting off, and reuse it at another time.  Also, I need to closely follow the Wilton Course books, starting with book 1.  The review of what I know will be nice, and I might learn something that will make it all go smoother.

"I like running, because I really really really really like dessert." ~ a water bottle seen on Pintrest