Friday, April 27, 2012

Cake Challenge

I have once again returned to the idea that I want to learn how to decorate cakes, and I hope to get to be on the same level as a professional (someday).  I have messed with cake decorating off and on since I was about 13 (I think... somewhere around that age).  Annoyingly there isn't anywhere, that I know of, in the Safford/Thatcher area.  So I am left to teach myself.  Luckily I recently (well, just this morning) acquired all three of the Wilton Course books, their Fondant and Gum Paste book, their Beginner's Candy Making book, and a couple of their magazines, and I am sooo anxious to get going on this endeavor.

It has been quite awhile since I have attempted to decorate cakes, and so I am very rusty.  I am not too terribly pleased with the first two cakes I decorated in my endeavor to reach my new cake decorating goals.

The first, which I didn't think to get a picture of till it was too late, I tested the crumb coat.  I was going to do more decorating, but I was missing several important pieces to my cake decorating kit.  So it was just plain frosted (still looked yummy, and I was told it was very yummy).

And tonight I just finished the cake for my cousin's baby shower in the morning.

Lessons I have learned from tonight's cake:

  • Bake 2 cake mixes worth of cakes so that each cake layer is not super thin
  • When trying to do tiers don't use  8 in. and 9 in. pans.  Next time use pans that have a greater difference in diameter.
  • Watch frosting consistency, otherwise the crumb layer wont work.  Neither will the decorations.
  • Keep extra frosting covered and in the fridge (if it gets too warm it melts, and I don't need the frosting on the cake, in my bag, AND the extra frosting to be too runny.  Also consistency would help that a ton too).
  • Practice writing with frosting!
Maybe I should take the label off my big can of peaches, and practice my frosting techniques on that while I am in between cakes.  Then I can just scrape the frosting off, and reuse it at another time.  Also, I need to closely follow the Wilton Course books, starting with book 1.  The review of what I know will be nice, and I might learn something that will make it all go smoother.

"I like running, because I really really really really like dessert." ~ a water bottle seen on Pintrest

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  1. Good luck with decorating! Yeah, keeping it cold is something you have to think to do. Not something that comes naturally. :D
    I liked your cake! It turned out great! I am sure you will be able to keep getting better as you go.
    we always used a big sheet of wax paper to decorate on- easy to clean off and put back in the bag to reuse. :D I liked the idea of the peach can, though.

    Much love to you!