Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy Hansens

Well, after quite a long while of not posting anything (well not posting anything other than pictures) I'm back!  I just haven't felt like my life was exciting enough to post anything lately....

Well an update for those of you who read my post Quick Results Not Guaranteed  I haven't been very faithful in writing down everything that I eat, but I am being more aware of what I am eating.  For example, I am trying to eat sugar only on the weekends. I have found that if I try to cut it out all together, that I feel way too deprived, and when I do allow a small sugar snack it turns into a multi-day sugar binge.  So because of my sugar binges my weight isn't as low by now as I had hoped, but I am pleased with what I have lost.... I am now down to 163.8 as of yesterday morning!  Been awhile since I have been that low, so I am motivated to try even harder!

I haven't made any more cakes since Jessica's shower cake, but I do have some frosting in the fridge to work with.  Also I was able to buy some Wilton Cake Decorating Course books.  So now I have something to help guide me in my cake quest.  I am pretty excited to learn more.

I had lost my camera right after he was born.  I found it day before yesterday and got looking at the pics on it.  They were all pictures taken right after Wyler was born.  I can't believe that Wyler is going to be nine months next week!  He is getting sooo big!  

Beginning of next month Zach and I are going to be an Albuquerque to see Les Miserables!  I am sooo excited.  We are planning on spending a few days up there so we can explore all the cool museums, zoo, aquarium, botanical gardens, etc.  Also I am planning on a girls day with Jennifer.  I am soooo excited to see her again!!

This morning my MIL and I went to a bread and jam class.  We learned how to make Prickly Pear Jelly, and Green Tomato/Raspberry Jam.  Yes I know, Green Tomato/Raspberry Jam sounds kinda gross.  It was soooo yummy!  You can find the recipe here.  The bread recipe they gave us is to die for!  I'm sorry mom but I am now in love with someone else's bread.  I am going to put your recipe into deep storage and use this new one.... :-)

Well that is life for us Hansen right now!  More to come soon hopefully!

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  1. That is SO funny! Mom and Dad are going to the Les Miserables, too!!! I wonder if you'll see them? course, I don't know when the showings are. I imagine that there are several showings. Mom and Dad are going on the 9th of June....

    Wow! Wyler really has gotten big!! :) So excited for you about the weight too! I think I might've lost some, but not sure as our scale broke.. argh. :(