Tuesday, October 16, 2012


My computer has refused to connect to the internet for almost two months.  I have been itching to write a post, and catch you all up on our life, but my iPod wouldn't let me.  Last night the computer randomly decided to start to cooperate and connect.  So here we are, catch up time!
The day after Wyler's birthday we discovered that I am pregnant again!  Right now I am about 14.5 weeks (middle of month 3) along.  I am due on April 11, 2013.  Also about a week and a half after we found out about baby number 2 we learned that I am also dealing with gall stones.  Between the two I have had to deal with nausea this time around.  I didn't realize how lucky I had been to not have morning sickness with Wyler.  We are hoping to baby my gall bladder until after the baby is born to have it removed.  Keeping my fingers crossed that we can make it that long...
Wyler and I have been trying to get to the park at least once a week.  The fairgrounds recently put in a really nice park.  That is covered.  With a nice ground cover that isn't sand.  Every mother's dream park.  Especially since it is in hot Arizona.  There have been a couple times that we went, and it was rather hot outside.  But once we got under the pavilion covering the park it was the perfect temperature.  I will have to get more pictures of it when we go tomorrow.  Wyler loves it.  It took him about 4 visits to get to where he is walking around and playing.  He even tried to interact with the other kids last time we were there.  It was a ton of fun. 
He loved the tunnel.  Spend a good chunk of time in there.

He also discovered that if you cross the sidewalk surrounding the play area you find sand.

He loves the steering wheel.  He will make the car noises and drive to  who knows where.

He loves the tunnel, but hasn't figured out how to get out with out sliding onto his face.
We were working in the yard Saturday and he was having a ball following us around.  He got to where he was wondering towards the road.  I was just finishing watering our trees so I called his name and tossed the running hose onto the side walk.  That got his attention.  He hurried over to it and promptly soaked himself.

More updates on our life, and pictures to come soon!!  (Got to get a boy up from his nap...)

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