Thursday, January 10, 2013

2012 in Review

I have been procrastinating posting anything for awhile because I didn't feel like I had anything interesting enough to post about, since it had been forever since I really posted anything.  Well I decided to take a couple ideas from a few blogs I read and just spend fifteen mintues to post something.  And a few of the bloggers I follow have posted a 2012 year in review.  So I figured why not.  It will catch people up on the Hansen crew, and give me the pat on the back for having posted something.

So what happened in 2012?

  • Wyler started solids right around the beginning of January
  • Wyler's first tooth came in
  • Sewed my first quilt
  • We had our third anneversary
  • Wyler saw snow for the first time ever
  • Wyler started to army crawl/scoot everywhere
  • We had a family photo shoot with Marquette LaRee Photography
  • Bought the Impala and sold the Grand Am
  • Got my hair cut
  • Taught a cake decorating class for Relief Society
  • Went to Albuquerque, NM
    • Saw the Broadway performance of Les Miserables
    • Visited with awesome cousins, Josh and Jennifer Smith
    • Did lots of shopping and walking
  • We held our 2nd Annual 4th of July picnic
  • Wyler took his first steps
  • I started to get serious about weight loss (lost 10 pounds!)
  • Wyler turned one
  • We found out that Hansen number four is on the way (had to slam on the brakes, and throw my weight loss plan into reverse until April)
  • I discovered I have gallstones, yuck!
  • Big announcements at General Conferenct
    • Tuscon, AZ temple announced
    • Mission ages lowered, young men now can serve at 18 and young woment can serve at 19
  • Missed the trunk-or-treat on Halloween because Wyler decided to get sick
  • America made a dumb decision by re-electing Obama (note I did my best to make sure he didn't make it to the Oval Office again)
  • It's a boy!  We had the gender revealing ultrasound
  • Had a wonderful Thanksgiving with the Hansen parents
  • I threw my 2nd annual Christmas Cookie Exchange
  • Our fridge died
  • Guest posted on my sisters blog Playing to Learn
  • We all got sick over Christmas, but still had a good holiday
  • Went to Animas for my birthday
  • Went to Tuscon the day after my birthday with Zach, while Wyler played and Grandie Richins house
  • Saw Les Miserables (which was amazing by the way)

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