Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Be Mine // A Valentines Day Event

I am taking part in a blog Valentines Day Party.  "There will be giveaways, special recipes, DIY crafts, outfit ideas and movie picks for Valentines Day. You won't want to miss it!"  (If you click the picture in the upper left hand corner that says "Be Mine... Valentines Day Event" it will take you to the hosting blog.  The following questions are the first part of said party, and made me stop and think.  In the past I wasn't the biggest Valentine's person.  I never did much to celebrate (except eat the candy we got at school, exchange Valentines with class mates).  This year I am becoming more excited fro Valentines Day.  I have decorations planned.  I am making my Valentines for close family and friends.  I am planning a themed, semi-formal (nice Sunday dress) dinner that I am inviting my in-laws to.  I am getting pretty excited!

1). What is your favorite part about Valentines Day?
Honestly this is kinda a toughie...  I've never done much on Valentines Day , except for the school party where we swapped valentines.  This year though I am wanting to do a special themed dinner, which I am planning on inviting my in-laws to.  I am really excited about that.

2). Your favorite romantic movie?
North and South, based off the novel by Elizabeth Gaskell.  Oh it is my favorite!!  (I'm gonna have to go find it again on Netfilx now :-) )

3). Dark or milk chocolate?
If it is plain I guess I would have to go with milk chocolate.  

4). What is something you do to make Valentines Day special?
Since getting married I try to do something special for my husband, and he all ways brings flowers home for me.

5). Which would you prefer getting as a gift on Valentines Day: Flower or chocolates?
Flowers.  I can buy me chocolate any time I want.  I kinda feel silly buying flowers myself.  So it is a treat to have nice flowers brought to me.

6). If you're married, what do you enjoy doing with your husband to celebrate?
We ususally exchange small gifts, maybe I'll cook a nicer than usual dinner.  But we haven't put much emphasis on Valentines Day.  However this year I am hoping to change that.

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