Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mom Let Me Make A Mess!!! Part 1

Today I decided to make up some finger paints for Wyler. I had been looking around online for some a no cook finger paint recipe, and finally found one that I wanted to try.  You mix 2 cups flour to 2 cups cold water until no lumps remain.  Divide into multiple containers, and add food coloring.
Then, thinking of past attempts to get Wyler to color or finger paint, I knew that he would want to just toss the paper aside.  So I let him just paint on his high chair tray.

 Then using a pin from Pinterest (yes this is another Pinterest related post), I decided to help him do some Finger Print-Making.  After smearing the paint around on his tray I laid a pice of paper down on top of the mess art and helped him press it down.  I then lifted the paper and set it aside to dry.  Wyler decided he didn't like this.  He didn't like the fact I was covering up the paint.  As soon as I would lay a  paper down he would pull it back up.  By the time I had done the third piece he decided he had had enough.  The paint didn't taste good at all, and I kept getting in his way (even though I would add more color to his tray after each print).

By the time these had dried the paper had curled quite a bit, but I carefully flattened them and hung them on my refridgerator.


  1. If there are no food allergies to worry about you could do plain or vanilla yogurt dyed different colors then it would taste good as well.

  2. How fun for a baby! I like it.