Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mom Let Me Make A Mess!!!! Part 2

After the finger painting Wyler was in need of a bath.  Even after I washed him off with a wash cloth I could see bit of the finger paint in his hair, and on the back of his neck, his shoulders (well bits of it everywhere that I had some how missed) drying.  While I still had the finger paints out I figured I would give them one more go for the day.  I took them down the hall and put a dollop of each color in the tub.

By that time he realized I had dissappeared into the bathroom.  He came hurrying in to see if I was going to let him in the bath.  (He looooves bath time).  When he saw the colors in the tub he had to pause for a minute and study them before trying to climb in.

And then the fun began.  He smeared, swiped, slipped and slid.  Oh it was so much funner in the tub than in the high chair!

But when he was determined to try to stand and walk across the slippery mess (which was all just a fun game for him, giggling and laughing the whole time) I decided I didn't want to add a cracked open head to the mix.  So I turned the water on, and stripped the diaper off.  It turned out cleaning the paint off the bottom of the tub was just as much fun as smearing it around was.  I finally found a way to let him paint and be entertained... as long as I didn't get in his way with paper :-) !

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