Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ombre Valentines Part 2

Well I finally got around to finishing the Valentines up last night.  I had been procrastinating working on them, because I don't have that great of handwriting, and when I do get it to look good I write crooked.  I really didn't want to mess these up.

For four of my Valentines I decided to add the lyrics to a Doris Day song, A Bushel and A Peck.  I got the idea from this pin that leads to a free printable.

I loved it!  I especially had to use it at least once for Zach's Grandma's Valentine.  She used to sing this song to her husband every day, so it has special meaning for her.

I printed it out (made sure it was the same size as my Valentines) and then took an X-acto knife to it.  I carefully created a stencil so I could be sure the writing would look good.  I then took my gold colored permanant markers (which I forgot to mention in part 1, I used them to make the edges of each Valentine gold) and went to town.  I turned out these two:

I decided I liked the stenciled look better than when I had filled in the small spaces in the letters.
I wanted one that looked more elegant/classy so I decided to brave my handwriting.  The handwriting itself is not too bad.  But it is slanted.  Which is drving me nuts.

So I went back to the stencil.

Even though I liked the looks of the Bushel and a Peck Valentines I wanted to have a few with another saying on them.  I looked and looked for a nice, sweet Valentine's saying I liked.  All I could find were long epistles of poems, cheesey sayings that have to do with whatever gift/goodie you are giving away, or cute short ones that you would only give to a spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend.  Then I came across the idea of using a scripture about charity.  So the last four of my Valentines have 1 Corinthians 13:13 on them.  I made a stencil, but the lettering I liked was too skinny to make a traditional stencil, so I cut out enough of the letters to use as a guide line.  And here they are:

If you are the lucky recipiant of one of these, sorry to have spoiled the Valentine's surprise.


  1. Aw, those are cute! I love the little saying. Too fun! :)

  2. I like the cursive bushel and a peck one. I didn't notice that it was slanted. :)

  3. The cursive one was my favorite too! Your handwriting is very pretty!