Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ways to Better Me and My Family in 2013

Happy New Year!!  I hope that 2013 will be an amazing year for all of you!

Last year I tried a list of 100 things to accomplish in 2012, but by about April I pretty much quit doing it.  This year I am trying again, but with fewer goals for now.  I will most likely add to this list during 2013.  My goals this year are more specific, I separated them into different categories, and they are all things I have been really serious about the past few months.  As I accomplish items I will update my Ways to Better Me and My Family in 2013 page.  Here we go....

1. Set up and use a budget
2. Save $1000 emergency fund
3. Pay off all debt, except for the house

1. Stay under 190 pounds this pregnancy
2. Burn off pregnancy weight by December
3. Walk at least 3 days a week for 30 minutes
     a) two weeks
     b) one month

1. Read scriptures daily for a week
     a) Read daily for two weeks
     b) Read daily for a month
2. Pray, at least twice a day for a week
     a)Pray at least twice a day for two weeks
     b)Pray at least twice a day for a month
3. Be to Church on time at least twice a month for 3 months

For the home
1. Hang curtains
2. Clean the house before noon for a week
     a) for two weeks
     b) for a month
3. Clean paint off front door knob

For the yard
1. Prepare the garden
     a) Plant the garden
2. Water the back yard so the grass will spread (Make it more Wyler friendly)
3. Pull weeds in the front yard at least once a week for a month

1. Make a Christmas Advent Calender
2. Sew a shirt for Zach
3. Finish all unfinished, and planned (that I all ready have the supplies for) projects
     a) apron
     b) paint wine box for decoration/craft supply storage
     c) table runners
     d) fix flip flop wreath
     c) patchwork quilt

1. Lean at least one new hairstyle a month
2. Read a book once a month
3. Learn a new skill

1. Have a yard sale/table at the swap meet
2. Have my menu planning system completed, and in use by the end of January
3. Have a week long Facebook/Pinterest/Blogger/games fast (only quick email checks, ordering Bountiful Baskets, check bank account, etc.)
     a) 2 weeks
     b) 1 month

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  1. Hey there! I just saw your comment on the interview I did over on Simple Delights. I was really encouraged that you agreed with me on the subjects og Motherhood! I have just become your newest follower. I think your blog is really lovely. Your new years resolutions are very honourable. I did the same over on my blog. Tis a good reminder through out the year to have them up on your blog for the world to see!