Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Our start to 2013

So far 2013 has been a pretty good year for us.  Nothing grand or super exciting but good none the less.

Back in January my Grandpa Darrow E Richins passed away.  Though I miss him a lot I feel at peace.  I feel like it was his time to go be with Grandma Ruth again.  His funeral was very well done.  It truly felt more like a celebration of life than a funeral.  Another bonus to it was the impromptu family reunion.
Because of a visit with my cousin Missy after the funeral I decided to go buy me a kitchen scale.  A marvelous investment I would say.

We got a new fridge last Monday!  I love having one in the kitchen again.  And, to top it off it is my dream style too! The fridge is double doors on top, and the freezer is a drawer on the bottom.  So far I am loving the style.

It started to get warm here (according to my car up into the high seventies/low eighties), but then last
Wednesday we got a blizzard warning.  Sure enough it tried to snow here in the Gila Valley.  Since then it has been slowly getting warm again.

Last week my cousin Jennifer came down for a visit.  It was really good to see her again.  We just hung out at the house, since it was cold and Wyler decided to get sick.  But we had a blast despite those things.  Wyler decided he loves Auntie Jenn.  It was playing with her that I saw the first signs of pretend play.  At one point he "opened" a package (something he had pulled off a new DVD  and "fed" them.  Then a while later he initiated quite the conversation through the stuffed animals they had pulled out. He was doing quite the voices for his stuffed animal.  It was pretty fun to watch.  Here are a couple videos of them playing together.  He just had a blast with Auntie Jenn.

As I said Wyler got sick last week.  It turned out to be some sort of virus and an ear infection.  He did such a wonderful job at the doctor though.  He was so brave with the shot and blood draw he had to have.  Though when we went to my doctor appointment yesterday he was not pleased to be back at the doctors office at all.  He was very nervous every time a doctor or nurse even talked to him, took him a while to realize that we were at the doctor for me, not him.

This week my body is trying to come down with what ever the bug is that's going around.  I am fighting it as best I can though.  Trying to convince myself to stay healthy.  Lets see if I can kick this thing in the butt before it completely takes over.  I was laying on the couch yesterday, battling chills when Wyler came over with a Tupperware he had taken from the cupboard, with a too big lid.  He then removed the lid and started to "feed" me.  It was pretty cute, his being so careful to take care of me.

Today is Zach's birthday!  28 years.  Were gonna do pizza and death by chocolate brownies tonight.  Then later this week we might do a steak dinner with his parents.  I asked him what he wanted for his birthday, and all he said was to finish putting his cd's on the computer and bake him something along the lines of death by chocolate brownies.  Nice and simple.  I also bought him some mega stuffed Oreo's see what he thinks of them.

Zach was given a tool allowance at work, so he started to go shopping around online for the tools needs.  He had heard about a site called Tool Topia so he decided to check it out.  He loved it and ordered all the tools he needed for the tool allowance, and most of the were made in the USA (his goal is to buy tools made only in the USA whenever possible, even if they are a touch more expensive).  When the boxes came in last week he literally looked like a little kid on Christmas morning.  Ripping into the boxes, then opening/unwrapping every tool to get an even better look at it.  It was pretty fun to watch him.  He was not too please when he had to take all these nice new tools to work, that he couldn't put them in his own shop here at home.

Well, that has been our life the past two months.  Figured after a ton of posts about pinterest projects it was time to catch you all up on what is going on in the Hansen House.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Baby Step #1 Done!!

Remember my last non-crafy post?  The one that had nothing to do with Pinterest?  The one about money?  If not I don't blame you.  It has been awhile since I posted anything non crafy/Pinteresty.  Here it is if you want to go read it again.

When I wrote it we were just started Dave Ramsey's Baby Step #1, save a $1000 emergency fund.  As of today we have that done!!  I took just under a month, wich is a lot faster than I thought it would be.

How did we do it you ask?  Well first thing I had to do was set up a budget.  (Which is still kinda evolving, but I have the basics figured out.)  I calculated how much we need for food (about $500 a month), and gas (about $240), the minimum payments for all of our bills, and I then guestimated on electricity and water, (hopefully with enough wiggle room that would cover it).  Then anything extra went to savings and/or paying off our credit card.  (Yes I know, it should have all gone to savings until we had that emergency fund set up, but we wanted to start to knock out the high interest credit card asap.)  I made sure every penny was assigned a place to be.  I didn't want to have it dissappearing out from under my nose because it didn't have a job.  I didn't want to look at the bank account and go "ooo $__!!!  Lets go buy this or that!"  I wanted to be able to say, "Well every cent has its job, its own category.  If I spend this much eating out that means that there is this much less in my grocery budget, because everything else is all ready assigned a job, and I can't take from anything else."

Once the budget was done we set aside every available penny.  So between left overs from pay checks, gifts, and trying to sell stuff we were able to get the emergency fund built up pretty quickly.  It is so nice to know we have that part taken care of!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Super Rich Hot Chocolate

Zach was watching cooking videos on YouTube when this one came on:

I hurredly wrote down the directions, because I am a hot chocolate fanatic.  When I made it today I doubled the recipe, and used semi-sweet chocolate.  (He never said what kind of chocolate to use, and I was afraid milk chocolate would be too sweet).  Now he does warn that this is a rich hot chocolate.  I got it all mixed together (with a few ounces less chocolate than what the recipe calls for) and gave it a taste.  WOW!!!  Uber Super rich!  I added milk to my cup and it was still way too rich.  I had to add a lot of milk to make it to where it was still rich, but drinkable.

In the future I am using a lot less chocolate, and I am going to use milk chocolate (it wasn't quite sweet enough for me after all).  Otherwise it is pretty good.  I have the leftovers in jars to put in the fridge.  Once milked down, and maybe a touch of sugar mixed in, it will make great hot or cold chocolate milk.

Valentine Decorations

Normally our Valentine's Day consists of Zach bringing me flowers, and adding sparkling cider served in fancy glasses to our dinner.  This year I decided to have a bit of fun with Valentine's Day.  I made up some decorations, I have a fancy meal planned (we are doing it a few days early, a Sunday dinner, with cousins), and I actually made some Valentines to give to a few close family and friends.  I got my decorations from these pins on Pinterest.

The heart garland came with no instructions, just that picture collage.  I zoomed in to where I could read the measurements of each paper strip (6.5 inches, 5.25 inches, 4.5 inches, and 2 inches).  After cutting some strips out I studdied the finished hearts and figured out how to put them together.  Since I don't have a picture of the process I will do my best to describe it to you, so if you want to try it out you will have an easier time.

Making sure they all have one of their ends touching at the same side (so you can staple the whole stack) stack up a 4.5", 5.25", 6.5", 2", 6.5", 5.25", and a 4.5".  Staple one end.  Bend down the other strips to a heart shape, starting with the outside short pieces and working your way to the 6.5" and staple.  String assembled hearts onto a string at the 2" strip.

There clear as mud?

Here is my finished garland:

The second decoration I made was the heart fan (in the second Pinterest picture).  I had read through the directions, figured it sounded pretty easy.  Especially when I made the tweaks that I did.  Instead of stapleing the hearts together I glued them.  And instead of having a bunch of ribbon at the top to hang them I glued my ribbon loop into the center of the hearts as I was assembling them.  I like the look much better.

I hung them infront of my sliding glass doors, then decided it needed more.  So I cut out a bunch of pink and white hearts and added a couple rows to the tops of the doors.

Friday, February 1, 2013

I Actually Spent Time On...

I actually did something other than a ponytail or clip for my hair today!  For those of you who know me, you know I rarely do my hair.  Especially if I am just going to stay at home all day.  However for the past few months I have been feeling girly-girl (not that being a girly-girl is bad, it just isn't usually me). I have been doing my hair and make-up more often.  I have been trying to learn what clothing styles look good on my body type.  I have actually gotten excited about buying shoes.  I have never been super excited about buying shoes.  As long as they were comfy and kinda cute I was happy.  But now I am getting excited about clothing and shoes.  Weird.  :-)

I learned a pretty simple, yet classy hairstyle around the beginning of December last year.  I have used it a ton.  I love it.  I can make it as elegant as I want, or I can make it more of a messy, everyday look.

Today's look is a spin off of the above mentioned hairstyle.

I combined the hairstyle I all ready knew with the one above (my hair is so fine and thick it is sometimes rather difficult to work with).  This is what I came up with.

As you can see in the mirror I am having an intersting time getting the picture... it was quite a stretch to get the camera behind my head, make sure it was pointed correctly (why I was facing the mirror), and then get to the button...