Friday, February 1, 2013

I Actually Spent Time On...

I actually did something other than a ponytail or clip for my hair today!  For those of you who know me, you know I rarely do my hair.  Especially if I am just going to stay at home all day.  However for the past few months I have been feeling girly-girl (not that being a girly-girl is bad, it just isn't usually me). I have been doing my hair and make-up more often.  I have been trying to learn what clothing styles look good on my body type.  I have actually gotten excited about buying shoes.  I have never been super excited about buying shoes.  As long as they were comfy and kinda cute I was happy.  But now I am getting excited about clothing and shoes.  Weird.  :-)

I learned a pretty simple, yet classy hairstyle around the beginning of December last year.  I have used it a ton.  I love it.  I can make it as elegant as I want, or I can make it more of a messy, everyday look.

Today's look is a spin off of the above mentioned hairstyle.

I combined the hairstyle I all ready knew with the one above (my hair is so fine and thick it is sometimes rather difficult to work with).  This is what I came up with.

As you can see in the mirror I am having an intersting time getting the picture... it was quite a stretch to get the camera behind my head, make sure it was pointed correctly (why I was facing the mirror), and then get to the button...


  1. Aha! I love it! I was just needing a hairstyle for tonight that was cute/elegant, but still casual... so, this is perfect that I checked your blog! :) Your hair is so pretty! I love the flower. :) Very nice!!

  2. Yay!! It totally worked! Even with my 'long' hair... Finding easy hairstyles are difficult because my hair is just at that length that it's too long for most things, and just barely too short for others. :/ Anyway, I totally love this hairstyle. Thanks for sharing it!! :)

  3. Love it! I have done (what my girls call) the ponytail flip before but never not pulled it all the way.