Saturday, February 9, 2013

Super Rich Hot Chocolate

Zach was watching cooking videos on YouTube when this one came on:

I hurredly wrote down the directions, because I am a hot chocolate fanatic.  When I made it today I doubled the recipe, and used semi-sweet chocolate.  (He never said what kind of chocolate to use, and I was afraid milk chocolate would be too sweet).  Now he does warn that this is a rich hot chocolate.  I got it all mixed together (with a few ounces less chocolate than what the recipe calls for) and gave it a taste.  WOW!!!  Uber Super rich!  I added milk to my cup and it was still way too rich.  I had to add a lot of milk to make it to where it was still rich, but drinkable.

In the future I am using a lot less chocolate, and I am going to use milk chocolate (it wasn't quite sweet enough for me after all).  Otherwise it is pretty good.  I have the leftovers in jars to put in the fridge.  Once milked down, and maybe a touch of sugar mixed in, it will make great hot or cold chocolate milk.

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