Saturday, February 9, 2013

Valentine Decorations

Normally our Valentine's Day consists of Zach bringing me flowers, and adding sparkling cider served in fancy glasses to our dinner.  This year I decided to have a bit of fun with Valentine's Day.  I made up some decorations, I have a fancy meal planned (we are doing it a few days early, a Sunday dinner, with cousins), and I actually made some Valentines to give to a few close family and friends.  I got my decorations from these pins on Pinterest.

The heart garland came with no instructions, just that picture collage.  I zoomed in to where I could read the measurements of each paper strip (6.5 inches, 5.25 inches, 4.5 inches, and 2 inches).  After cutting some strips out I studdied the finished hearts and figured out how to put them together.  Since I don't have a picture of the process I will do my best to describe it to you, so if you want to try it out you will have an easier time.

Making sure they all have one of their ends touching at the same side (so you can staple the whole stack) stack up a 4.5", 5.25", 6.5", 2", 6.5", 5.25", and a 4.5".  Staple one end.  Bend down the other strips to a heart shape, starting with the outside short pieces and working your way to the 6.5" and staple.  String assembled hearts onto a string at the 2" strip.

There clear as mud?

Here is my finished garland:

The second decoration I made was the heart fan (in the second Pinterest picture).  I had read through the directions, figured it sounded pretty easy.  Especially when I made the tweaks that I did.  Instead of stapleing the hearts together I glued them.  And instead of having a bunch of ribbon at the top to hang them I glued my ribbon loop into the center of the hearts as I was assembling them.  I like the look much better.

I hung them infront of my sliding glass doors, then decided it needed more.  So I cut out a bunch of pink and white hearts and added a couple rows to the tops of the doors.

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