Monday, March 18, 2013

3 more weeks!

3 weeks 3 days left. Of what? My pregnancy! Unless this little guy comes as early as Wyler. Then it would be 2 weeks 3 days. Wow. Guess I had better get my hospital bag packed and ready... Also need to pull the bassinet out of the closet and set it up by my side of the bed... And get some newborn diapers, and nursing pads... Other wise I think we are ready. As long as I make it 3 more days. I really don't want to pay for a $10,000 helicopter ride to Tuscon.

Also my Mom's diagnosis of sarcoidosis has been changed to hypersensitive pneumonitis. Basically her lungs are so sensitive to something that it gives her pneumonia. So we are waiting on test results to see what is causing the sensitivity. Once that is discovered and removed from her life she should be back to normal! A much better diagnosis than sarcoidosis.

We got our front yard looking nice. We spread most of it with gravel so that it would look nice and be low maintenance. Now to get the rest of the yard looking as good...