Saturday, June 29, 2013

Potty Training Follow Up

Today is day 13 of potty training. It is going better than I hoped. I still put Wyler in diapers for bedtime and outings. He has got to where we are out (and he's in a diaper) he will do his "oh no! I had an accident" fuss if he goes in his diaper. Last night before bed he went into the bathroom, stripped off his dry diaper, and at on his toilet with absolutely no prompting from me! He has got to when ever he pees if I don't start cheering fast enough he will do his own cheer and dance. It is pretty cute. Now if I can just convince him to poop on his toilet...

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My little family

Remember this picture?

That was when James was only a week or two old.

Now check this one out!

At James's 2 month check up he was 25 inches long, which put him in the 97th percentile, and he was 13 pounds 11 ounces, which put him in the 90th percentile.

James is a sweet, happy, easy going baby.  He is definitely a keeper :-)  Wyler thinks he is pretty cool too.  I think these two will be quite the pair as they get older.

Lately Wyler has been into giving hugs and kisses.  He'll walk up to James and wrap his arms around him.  Make sure each cheek gets a kiss.  Then he'll do the same to me.  I think it is pretty cute!  Wyler has also been making sure that when we say bedtime prayers that James folds his arms as well.  If I don't help James fold his arms Wyler won't let me start the prayer.

Zach has been soo much happier since he quit Freeport and started back into construction.  It is nice to see him happy to go to work, and enjoying what he is doing.  He's been gone a lot, has to drive to Duncan every day, but we are hoping he can get a job or two here in town to keep him closer to home.

I've been slacking in house work.  (My boys are much more fun than house work any day!)  I did manage to finish an apron I started a year ago.

Well, they boys are waking up.  Got to sign off for now!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Potty Progress Day 1 Part 2

After nap time we went out side and played with chalk, and walked around.  During which time I saw something weird.  Two jets flying around each other, trails of smoke in between them, and flashing lights at the ends of the smoke trails, like explosions.  Anywho back on topic... After playing outside I gave James a bottle, and Wyler had another accident.  After cleaning him up we went on with playing and dinner.  We ended the day with another bath and then bedtime.  4 accidents, 11 successful attempts, and who knows how many attempts...

Potty Progress Day 1 Part 1

Today I officially started to potty train Wyler.  I had been prepping him for several months now, I got his potty chair in December so he would be used to it, pointing out when he pees in the tub, showing him the poop in the diaper (yuck I know), lately I had been giving him m&m's to sit and try to go.  he has been showing more and more signs that he is ready to potty train.  Just this last week he told me twice he needed to go, and we had enough time to get him on the toilet.  I had been doing reading online to try to get tips on how to potty train successfully in a shorter amount of time.  I didn't want potty training to drag on for weeks and weeks. I found this blog about the Potty Training in One Day method. I liked the idea of the main potty training happening in a day, and then after that it is just reinforcing.  I didn't find anyone to take care of James, so I am trying to handle potty training and taking care of baby at the same time.  Luckily for me James has been way way way easy going so far today. But I'm getting ahead of myself...

Yesterday, Day 0, while out grocery shopping I loaded up on snacks, treats, and a few cheap toys.  I wanted things Wyler could play with that were easy to put down long enough to run to the bathroom.  I also wanted him drinking and eating all day so he would have ample opportunities to use the toilet.  Then last night I couldn't turn my brain off so I stayed up late getting Wyler's potty chart ready, setting out snacks and toys, and telling myself that if I didn't get to bed and to sleep soon I would have an extra tough day, potty training while nodding off all day.

The Potty Chart (still have to finish coming up with my reward for staying dry all day)

This morning, Day 1, started out like any other morning.  I got Wyler up, changed his diaper, we ate breakfast, and then I put him in his bath.  I got James bathed at the same time, and he fell asleep pretty quick which made the next part of the day easier.  Once Wyler was out of the bath and dried off I only put a shirt on him.  I didn't bother with anything else.  (I was going with the Bewildered Mother's suggestion of avoiding underpants, and just going bottomless.)  I grabbed Wyler's Ernie doll, a medicine dropper with water and called Wyler over to where I was in the hall.  Ernie then  had an accident (I was holding the medicine dropper behind Ernie's back).  I quickly exclaimed "No potty on the floor," ran into the bathroom and said "potty in the toilet," ran back to the accident scene "no potty on the floor," I ran back to the toilet "potty in the toilet," a total of 10 times.  Ridiculous I know.  But it had Wyler's attention.  He thought it was pretty funny.  Then after the tenth trip I sat Ernie on the potty chair and finished emptying the dropper.  I then went ecstatic about Ernie going in the toilet.  Ernie got a sticker and an m&m.  I then asked Wyler if he wanted to try going potty.  Wyler couldn't get to the toilet fast enough.  He wanted to join the fun.  Within seconds of sitting he had peed.  I cheered and did the potty dance, put a sticker on his chart, and gave him two m&m's.

We then headed to the living room where he got his snacks and drinks.  

I started out telling him that if he needed to go potty to tell Mommy.  Every 20 minutes we would head to the toilet.  About 30 minutes into the process we had our first accident.  I grabbed Wyler, from behind, which startled him enough he quit peeing, and ran him back and forth between the accident and the toilet doing the whole "no potty on the floor, potty in the toilet" routine.  However I only did it maybe 5 times instead of 10 (this kid is heavy!) and plopped him on his toilet.  He then finished peeing.

When James was ready to nurse we closed ourselves in the bathroom, I gave Wyler a new water toy and plopped him in the bathtub with a couple inches of water.  I sat on the floor nursing James.  Wyler had a blast playing in the water, and getting to pee somewhere other than the toilet without my grabbing him and running him around the house.  (Don't worry, this kid is getting a good soapy bath this evening before bed to be sure all the accidents are washed off him.)

After nursing was done we went back to the living room to hang out.  We colored, read books, played with James, and played with Wyler's new whoopee cushion.  His favorite toy today by far.  This kid thinks the sounds of farts, burps, and throwing up are hilarious.  However at this point whenever he had an accident he wasn't phased.  So I put his thick, cotton training pants on him.  I then purposely let him have an accident.  Oh he didn't like the wet feeling at all.  I think this afternoon we are going to stick with wearing underwear and see what happens.

 I was pretty happy when nap time came around.  I wouldn't let myself do any of my normal activities (aka facebook, playing on my phone, etc.) so that I could pay attention to if he was having an accident or not.  The day was going soooo slow!  I was about to die of boredom.  Once nap time came I slapped a diaper on him (I didn't want him to wake up too early and be Mr. Grumpy Gus along with potty training).

This last picture is his potty chart for the first half of the day.  4 successful attempts to go on the potty, a bunch of tries, and only 3 accidents.  Lets hope this afternoon goes just as smoothly.