Sunday, July 7, 2013

Answers, finally!

My mom has been sick for quite awhile, and has not received any answers. Only "it might be..." Or "it acts like..." She was flown up to Albuquerque after having a seizure (luckily while at the hospital, so the doctors were able to stop it). We finally have an answer, not the whole answer but it is a step closer. Here is what my dad said, "Paralee was real tired this morning and slept hard from 8 to noon. When she woke up she had a real hard time answering questions and had some vision issues again. That got the ball rolling with the Doc and the Neuro. Rather than keep waiting for test results on spinal fluid talked back at Silver City, the Neuro did another spinal tap. Silver City showed elevated pressure and blood in the fluid. The one they did here shows no elevated pressure, no blood. Some test results come quickly and others will be several days. An hour later the first results are back. It is showing a fungus infection. This can be a cause of the headaches. Additional tests will tell us what type of fungus infection and how to treat it. A doc with infectious disease will be coming to talk as soon as the type of infection is determined."


  1. Thank you for the update, Carolyn! We'll be praying for her and the doctors as they address this issue and decide what to do. Also praying for all of you as I know this has got to be tough on y'all as well.

    1. Thank you for you prayers, we all felt them.