Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Back to square 1

Well I was going to post all sorts of tips and tricks as I learned them on how to save money and get out of debt, but haven't gotten there... obviously.  We had completed Dave Ramsey's baby step 1, which was to get a $1000 emergency fund.  Then when taxes came we paid off everything but the car and house.  Just in time for me to have the baby, have surgery, and have two job changes (Zach not me... I am loving being a stay at home mom).  Which meant we have racked up medical bills again.  And eaten through our emergency fund.  So we are now back at square one.

Yesterday I bought a bunch of cloth diapers.  After doing the math, comparing what I was spending in diapers and what these cloth diapers cost, and they will pay themselves off in one month.  So now I won't be spending about $40 a month in diapers!  And I am making some cloth wipes, so no more wipes either!  I am considering ditching the paper towels, using towels and brown paper bags for everything I had been using paper towels for.  Right now I am thinking that even when we get out of debt I am going to keep up with these reusable cloths and such.  I like the idea of not spending money on that kind of stuff anyway. I also use my cloths line when ever possible to try to cut back on the electricity needed to run the drier.

I spent this morning stripping my cloth diapers (washing once in hot water with about 1 Tbs of blue Dawn dish soap, and then a ton of rinses in hot/warm water to get all the soap out) and drying them.  Then this afternoon I started using them.  James will only have disposable diapers when we are out of the house, until we run out of what I bought.  Wyler is never ever going to have a disposable diaper on again.  Hopefully he won't need these much longer, as I only put diapers on him when we are out of the house or it is sleeping time.

Aren't my models adorable?!

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