Sunday, September 8, 2013

Time Flies part 2

Well I ended up cutting the last post a little short... not easy to write with a baby and toddler calling for attention.
To finish off Wyler's birthday we went out to dinner with Grandmama Darla and Papa Theron.  It was a pretty good day.
We decided to do his birthday party on a weekend so that more family could be there.  We (Grandmama Darla and I) decided on a John Deere theme and set the date.  (Unfortunately Grandmama and Papa Hansen couldn't attend, but they were thought of and missed.)

I started this probably two weeks ago, but never got to finishing it till now because of internet issues.  So here we go, time to finish.

So Saturday August 24 we met my parents, Heber, and Nina at the park and had lunch.  Afterwards we cambe back to our place and visited for a while.  It was sooo good to see and talk to my mom.  After the 42 days in the hospital, not being able to see her, except for Skype, it was really nice.

Now for all the party pictures...

The next day Grandmama and Pap Hansen came over for a visit and some birthday cake.  So all together Wyler had 3 birthday "parties".

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