Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays everyone!  We started off our holiday season with Uncle Brigham, and Papa Theron's birthdays the week before Thanksgiving.  We had a nice birthday dinner and some cake for Papa Theron.

They boys sure love their Papa Theron

 James has started to pull him self up on anything and every thing.  Nothing within three feet to the ground is safe from him any more.

We went to the Richins Grandies for Thanksgiving.  It was a fun visit.  Wyler refused to eat much, there were way to many cool toys to play with.  And James loved being able to sample all sorts of food.

 Then the Saturday after Thanksgiving we went with my parents up near Silver City and cut our Christmas tree.  It was cold, but a fun trip.

Shortly before the little guy added a handful of dirt to my hot chocolate.
It actually took me a couple days to get the house decorated.  Trying to clean and decorate, and keep a toddler and baby out of the decoration boxes was interesting to say the least.

Zach and I got to help one of his coworkers decorate Santa's Favorite Deere for the Light Parade the first Saturday of December.  It was a lot of fun.  Wyler thought all the lights at the parade were pretty awesome, that is until the firetrucks came.  This boy loves firetrucks and their sirens, but only from a distance.  Even if the truck is turned off he doesn't want to go any where near it.  James was fascinated by all the lights, but he didn't seem too interested.  But that could be because it was bed time too.

They made it so the sleigh could move up and down as if it was flying.

 The other day I walked into the boys room and found this..

"Hi mom!  I'm being good, nothing in the toy box..."

Nothing in there huh?

"Nope, nuthin!"

I turned the water on and put Wyler in the bath tub.  Next thing I know James is speeding in to play in the water too.  My boys love the water.

I had my annual Christmas Cookie Exchange last Saturday.  It was a lot of fun visiting with friends, playing with jewelry, and eating cookies.  Afterwards Zach, Wyler, James, a friend and I were all in the garage talking.  Wyler headed back into the house, leaving the door open so I could hear him.  A few minutes later I realized it had been way too quiet for way too long.  I walked in to find that Wyler had picked all the m&m's from two of the cookies, eaten most of the frosting on one of the sugar cookies, and was working on the frosting of the other one.  The look on his face when he saw he had been caught red handed (literally) was priceless.  I wish I had got that look on camera.

Then yesterday about 30 minutes before our play date was to start our tree decided to come down.  So I was finishing cleaning it up when friends started to come over.

I pulled out frosting, our friends brought sugar cookies, sprinkles, and m&m's and we had a sugary good time.

By the time I went to bed last night the tree had been properly righted, and redecorated (and all the breakable ornaments removed).  I worked in my Christmas workshop (more about that after Christmas, don't want to spoil the fun) and got a lot done there.  It has been a good start to the holiday season.

Whew that was quite the post!  And there will be another long one filled with pictures after Christmas!

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

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