Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Our Christmas Morning

This past weekend my cousins Josh and Jennifer Smith came over for a visit.  It was great to see them, don't get to very often.

This past weekend we were also ding dong ditched.  On our front porch was a large box filled with presents.  While we wouldn't let Wyler dive into the presents until Christmas morning I let him dive into the box with a handful of crayons.  He colored, and played in the box for hours over the past week.

Sunday morning I caught James trying to get to the Christmas tree...

So I plugged in the lights and got one of the best reactions ever!

Some of the scouts in our ward made toddler size chairs for several families.  We were the lucky recipients of one.

On Christmas Eve we met Grandmama Darla and Great-Grandma Marilyn for lunch at Denny's.  They boys kept us very entertained and busy.  James begged and begged for food, while Wyler just wanted to be a chemist and mix anything and everything he could.

After lunch someone in our ward decided to bless us with all the fixings for a good Christmas dinner.

Last night Papa Theron and Grandmama Darla came over, and we each opened a gift.  (Well, everyone but James.  He was in bed already.)  Zach got window washing supplies (from the ding dong ditcher) and I got a bath supply gift basket.  Wyler got a bunch of monster trucks.  After the gifts were opened I put Wyler in bed.  Fast forward about an hour, maybe an hour and a half and I realize there is light coming from under Wyler's door.  He managed to turn the light on, and climbed into the crib with his new cars and was quietly playing.  He was not too pleased that he was caught out of bed.  I just chuckled and put him back in bed with one of his cars.

This morning Papa and Grandmama, and Grandma Marilyn came back over and we dove into our presents

It took most of the day for James to be interested in the toys and not just boxes, bags, and paper.

Wyler has spent the whole day playing with his tool set.  But he doesn't call each tool by their proper name.  Nope, he uses the names of the characters from his favorite tv show Handy Manny.
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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