Friday, January 17, 2014

DIY Earring Holder

 Since I have started my earring collection I have been needing somewhere to put my earrings.  So I turned to Pinterest to find a good DIY earring holder.  My favorites were:
Photo taken from here

Photo taken from here
I dug through my craft/storage/junk room and found a couple frames and some burlap.  I cut the burlap down to about two inches wider and longer than the glass from the frame  I then glued one corner where the glass and photo normally go, when that was dry I stretched it and glued the next corner, and so on.  Then I glued the sides.  I then trimmed the excess burlap even with the back of the frame, added a hanging ribbon and my earrings.  (Wish I had pictures of the process.)  Pretty simple.  I wish I had the right kind of frame and the lace, but these will do for now.

I like blue, can you tell?

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Weekend Adventures

I stuck James in the swing the other day, and he loved it!  The only other time I had tried (3-4 months ago) he kept a blank expression on his face the entire time.  Wasn't too fond of it.  But now...

The other night we went over to Home Depot.  I put the boys in one of the carts that had a fun race car seat for kids.  The boys loved it!  Wyler loved finally having James up there with him, and was showing him how to steer.

Then on the way home we grabbed some Super Wok.  This is one of the times I really really hope my fortune comes true.

Over the weekend we went out to my parents house.  While there Marquette and Darrow got to come out and visit as well.  It was a ton of fun to see family, and I know the boys loved the Grammy and Grandpa time.

"The Tank" (9 months) and Darrow (2 months)
I bought Wyler a new car seat, and switched James to Wyler's old one.  James  was pretty thrilled with the new ride.

Wyler, not so much.  It took a ride in the car to convince him that it was actually a pretty nice seat.  He now loves it.

We got to see Grandma Darla after church Sunday.  She brought over yummy treats (which Wyler promptly licked all the frosting off of, then left the rest for us), and some warm work shirts for Zach.  It was pretty fun visiting with her as well.

Monday, January 6, 2014


Hello, and welcome to the year 2014! (Ok, I know I am about a week late.) I am looking forwards to this new year!  I am hoping that it is filled with lots of good for you and me.

  • This March will mark 5 years being married!
  • Hopefully I'll be able to potty train Wyler and have it stick this time, we'll see what he has to say about that though.  This kid is stubborn.  Ever since I took a break from the potty training he has shown 0 interest in trying again.
  • I would like to craft/create more.  I want to sew, crochet, make cards and more.  I'll post my projects as I finish them here.
  • Praying we'll turn our financial mess around and be able to get back to our Money Makeover.
  • I want to take my house out of C.H.A.O.S. (can't have anyone over syndrome) and keep it out of chaos.
  • There is a lot I hope to accomplish this year.  Here is a list of 50 (or soon to be 50) goals I hope to accomplish.
  • This year I want to create an old fashioned Christmas.  Keep it simple, make all/almost all the decorations I use (popcorn and paper chains on the tree, handmade ornaments on the tree, homemade wreath on the door, luminaries on the walk, etc.), keep the focus on the Savior and family, and not the commercial, "gimme gimme!" aspect that so many focus on.

Well these are just a few of the things I'd like to do.  We'll see how many I actually accomplish.

What are your plans/goals for the new year?