Thursday, March 13, 2014

5th Anniversary Trip

Once again it is time for a Hansen life update mostly via pictures!

Drinking from a regular glass

And loving it!

If I even think about making pancakes/waffles with out him I am in major trouble.

This past weekend was our 5th anniversary!  We decided we wanted to go camping up in the Chiricahuas.  So we packed everything up, dropped the boys off at my parents house in Animas, and headed up the mountain.  We had borrowed my parents Excursion so we could just sleep in the back, and not fight a tent, but when we got up there we decided to go ahead and sleep on the ground.  We made a tarp lean-to, and rolled out our bed roll (a tarp, a foam mattress, a heavy duty sleeping bag, two sheets, a blanket, and then another heavy duty sleeping bag... it was an amazing bed roll!)  Since we got up there later in the afternoon, early evening Friday night we didn't do much.  Once camp was set up we hung out by the fire, and ate dinner.  Once the fire died we climbed in bed.  However because we were just under a little lean to we were paranoid about critters climbing in bed with us.  It took a good while to fall asleep.  Around two in the morning I wake up to Zach shining his flashlight around, and hearing some rustling.  After that we were both pretty creeped out (still don't know what creeped us out) and we drug our bed roll back to the car and slept there.  Soon as breakfast was done the next morning we took off on a 3 hour hike.  It was beautiful.  The temperature was just about perfect.  The mountains are gorgeous.  I had a great hiking companion.  It was pretty fun.  Bout towards the middle of our hike it started to sprinkle on us, so we grabbed the ponchos and pushed on. 

Don't we look so cute in our ponchos? :-)

After about 45 minutes later it quit sprinkling, so the ponchos went back into the back pack.  And about 45 minutes later it started to rain/sleet on us.  But we were close enough to camp we didn't bother with the ponchos.  About five minutes after climbing back into the car to eat lunch and wait out the rain it really started pouring.  After talking for a while we decided it looked like it was going to rain for a good portion of the day, and we didn't want to just hang out in the car the rest of the time.  So as soon as there was a lull in the rain we dashed back to the picnic table, gathered the last of our camping stuff up, shoved it in the car, and headed back down the mountain.  We ended up going into Lordsburg for dinner, and stayed in a hotel there.

The next morning we went back out to Animas, sorted through our camping gear, and gathered up the kids things.  Once my parents, Heber, and the kids were back from church we ate lunch and got to visit for awhile.  When we got home Sunday afternoon we just crashed and enjoyed being home.  The kids wouldn't let me out of their sight (which was fun to actually be wanted for more than just wiping boogers and getting snacks).  Even though the boys had a grand ol' time playing with Grandpa and Grammy they were pretty excited to be home, and to sleep in their own beds.

Last night while James was working on eating his toast Wyler found the nearly empty container of yogurt I had been feeding James.  He decided that James needed to finish eating, and very carefully fed James most of the rest of the yogurt.

"Wyler feed James! Look mom, Wyler feed James!"

He was pretty proud to be helping feed James.  It was pretty hard for me to tell him that James didn't want any more, that he was done eating.  Wyler could care less James was barely opening his mouth for the spoon.  He was determined to get the last of the yogurt in him.