Tuesday, May 20, 2014


I have been looking into the Montessori Method for my boys.  What is the Montessori Method?  Well, glad you asked ;-)
  1. The Montessori Method of education, developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, is a child-centered educational approach based on scientific observations of children from birth to adulthood.  It is a view of the child as one who is naturally eager for knowledge and capable of initiating learning in a supportive, thoughtfully prepared learning environment.  It is an approach that values the human spirit and the development of the whole child - physical, social, emotional, cognitive.(http://amshq.org/Montessori-Education/Introduction-to-Montessori)
I love how hands on the Montessori Method is.  I love that it doesn't cram little kids behind a desk for hours on end.  I love that it allows the child to move on at their own pace, and not at the teacher's pace.

What first attracted me to the Montessori Method is how independent children learn to be.  I have always liked the philosophy of not doing for the child what they can do for themselves.  It would make life for me easier in the long run, but most importantly I feel my boys would be much happier, and more confident if they are able to do things for themselves, instead of waiting for me to do whatever they need.

So I have been looking into doing Montessori at home, as there are no Montessori schools where I live.

I got rid of James's crib, since he never liked it anyway, and put the mattress on the floor.  He now can get in and out of bed as he pleases.  I've set the bathroom up to help the boys with potty learning.  I ditched their dresser, and put all their laundry in baskets in the closet.  Now when it is time to get dressed Wyler can help me pick what he wants to wear.

I am looking into getting shelves for their toys so they can see what there is to play with, with out emptying the toy box across the room.  And I am planning on using a couple of shelves to set out "work" for the boys to do, (matching games, tracing, dry pouring activities, etc.) so they can work on practical life skills.

I am dreaming of buying/making the beautiful Montessori materials, such as the Pink Tower, Brown Stairs, and the cylinders.

This journey into Montessori intimidates me, because it is going to be a lot of work and patience on my part.  But I am so excited about it, because I believe it will teach the boys so much.

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