Sunday, June 8, 2014

Life in Pictures

Once again here is our life lately in pictures.

We love the stroller from Grandma Darla.  We take it everywhere and have used it more than our single seat stroller (and I used that thing a lot too).

Wyler loved calling the Grandmas for Mothers Day.

We spent Memorial Day morning out playing in the dirt.

The boys were covered in dirt.  It was even in their diapers.

It was a lovely morning.  Warm, sunshiny, and great company.

Our AC was out for about 24 hours.

The boys thought the huge fan I brought out to keep us cool was pretty awesome.

It took awhile for them to leave the fan alone and play with something else.

For some reason James has done this a few times now.  Don't know if he was originally trying to crawl under the horse, or what...

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