Thursday, June 26, 2014

Splash Pads, Tortoises, and Milk Bubbles

At the end of May the splash pad just down the road from us opened up.  I took the boys to go play there the evening it opened, and they were not happy with it.  James hated getting sprayed, and it was too reminiscent of the cold shower Wyler got for playing in his poop for the umpteenth time.  Every time we went to play on the play ground right next to the water I'd try to get the boys to play in the water as well.  It took several tries but they boys are starting to realize it is actually not too bad.

James venturing into the water, with no urging from mom

Brrr!  The water's cold!

This is actually kinda fun!

It's always better when you have friends to play with
It still takes coaxing to get them to play in the water, but they like it now.  James has no problem playing in the little splash in the above photo.  Anything else I have to stick him in the spray before he decides to play.  For just about any of the water features I have to plop Wyler down in the middle of one before he decides to run and play in the water.  Left to himself he would not go anywhere near the water, he'd rather slide all day long.

A month or so ago I also started to explore Discovery Park.  They boys especially love feeding the ducks on the pond.  Last time we were there the main building was closed while the workers took some people on a tour.  So we hung out in front of the building playing with tortoises before heading home.  (We'd already been by the pond for a good hour and a half, so it wasn't a wasted trip.)  James loved the tortoise and wanted to climb in with them, however Wyler shied away from them.  The only time he touched them was when he slipped in behind me and quickly tapped one on the shell.

Wyler has become interested in making funny faces... well making one funny face over and over.  After about 10 times in a row I find it hard to even pretend laugh.  Luckily James thinks it is hilarious no matter how many times Wyler does it.

Wyler got to participate in the last month of the Mommy and Toddler gymnastics class.  On the last day of class everyone got a medal.  For a few weeks the only time it left his neck was when taking a bath, or when I slipped it off after he fell asleep.  Another item that has become a permanent feature on Wyler is his hat.  It takes a bit of coaxing and explaining he will get to wear it again later if I need him to take it off, say for church.

Wyler also figured out the fun simple joy of blowing bubbles in his milk.  Now he won't even drink milk unless it is in his straw cup so he can blow bubbles at the same time.

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