Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Dipped Pine Cones

Back in February we went up the mountain with Jessica and Porter Webb to play in the snow.  While up there (right below the snow line) Jessica and I found some really cute small pinecones.  I took a bunch home with me to use for a Christmas craft at some point this year.

Shortly after getting them home I baked the bugs out of them, and put them in my big clear vase until I could decide what to do with them.

Fast forward to last week.  After perusing Pinterset for a good while I finally decided I wanted to dip my pinecones.  What to do with them after that I am still at a loss.

I spread some paper out on my table and plopped a chair on top of that.  I then tied about 20 cones to the bottom of the chair.  I took a paper cup, with the top half cut off, and filled it with paint.  I then proceeded to dip the bottom of the cones in the paint.  I let them dry and then cut them down.  The next night I did about 20 more (I've been doing this at night since I don't want my 3 year old and 1.5 year old helping...)  I still have one more batch to do tonight. 

The lighting in my dining room is annoyingly bad, so I had to bring in another lamp so I could see.  So that is why the lighting in the pictures is really off.


  1. They really look great! I pile my pinecones on a silver tray around candles for a holiday centerpiece and also fill my mantle with them and tuck Christmas lights inbetween. It is such a lovely look.

  2. Those are fun! I like how they look in the vase.
    I had a random idea just looking at these. If you wanted to go for an "ombre" effect, you could take some cones and dip them all the way in white and then layer the cones going from undipped, to half dipped to full dipped.