Monday, September 1, 2014

Tuscon Adventures and Answer Me This: The Final

I'm still here! I haven't dropped off the face of the earth... I have been working on spending less time on social media, and by doing so I haven't had much opportunities to write anything.

This past weekend Theron and Darla treated us to a trip to Tuscon to play at Breakers Water Park. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures. The first afternoon in town we got a bike for Zach so he can start biking to work and class.  We then went to dinner with Theron and Darla to In and Out. I'd heard of their secret menu, so I looked it upon the way over.  Their fries ordered Animal Style are pretty yummy. I'm going to have to make them here at home. (Fries, sauteed onions, Thousand Island dressing on the fries or burgers).

The next morning we headed to the water park. Poor James had a fever that day (found out the next day it was from teething)  he just got to sit back and chill, munching on fruit. Wyler however was having a blast playing in the water, snacking, going down water slides, playing in the sand/gravel, splashing....  At one point Zach and I took him up one of the big water slides, one you need an inner tube to go down.  I was worried he would be scared at first, but as soon as we mentioned a big slide he was excited. He was trying to get into the tube to go by himself before Zach could get in. He loved it. "Go down again, please!" Then the wave pol... loads of giggle each time he almost got knocked over with each wave.

 3 hours, and some sunburns later, we headed back to the hotel to clean up.  Then it was on to Texas Road House for dinner. By then James was back to normal, and was a hoot to watch during dinner. He loved the hot rolls. So much so that if I took to long to tear off several bites for him he would get rather frustrated and let me know he was not happy waiting.

After dinner we came back home and slept in our own beds.  And that ended the weekend adventures.

While Answe Me This is technically over I still haven't answered the last batch of questions I shared several weeks ago.  So here we go:

1. What’s your favorite thing on YouTube?

Lately I have been loving Good Mythical Morning with Rhett and Link. 

2. Who taught you to drive?

My parents mostly. I finished off my permit with my Uncle Jeff and Aunt Denise Richins. 

3. What’s your favorite thing to cook?

Cookies, cakes and such. Though I guess that is technically baking...

4. Are you a hugger or a non-hugger? Why?

I am a hugger. One of my main love languages is touch, so I naturally, physically, reach out to those I care about. 

5. Where do you pray best?

Usually by my bed, right before bed. I am least likely to be interrupted at that time. If not by my he'd then in the shower. 

6. When is the last time you saw/spoke to your grandparents?

I saw my Grandma Sharon probably a month ago. And my Payne Grandparents... back in June I think. At the Lordsburg Ward swim party. 

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