Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pumpkin Business

Today I thought it would be fun to carve a jack-o-lantern.  Most years I have several carved by now (Oct. 30).  I guess I'm slacking. Wyler saw me setting up to carve the pumpkin and was instantly interested.  "What you doing Mommy?"

 I showed him pictures of jack-o-lanterns and let him pick a face to carve.  He picked this face and dubbed it scary


We pulled chairs up to the table and cut into the pumpkin.  When it was time to pull the seeds and guts out Wyler dove right in.  (Last year as soon as he touched the slimy innards he took off begging for me to wash his hands.)  He utilized his "seed crane", which is basically his hand but with awesome heavy equipment sounds to go along with it.  After it was gutted he eagerly watched me carve the face he picked out.  On the back of the pumpkin I caved a W for Wyler, since he was an awesome helper.

We then washed the seeds, and roasted them.  I combined these two different recipes.


I boiled the seeds in salt water, then tossed them in oil and BBQ sauce.  We then roasted them for about 15 minutes.  Not sure exactly how they turned out, since they are still to hot to eat (and this is pretty much my first time eating pumpkin seeds I'm gonna wait till Zach is home to try them and pass his verdict).

Here are the end result of our projects:

Wyler was pretty excited to be my pumpkin helper today.  Though it was pretty tiring work.  We had to take a chocolate milk break when we were done.

And to top it all off I now have something to enter into Pinstrosity's Monthly Challenge!

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  1. You are an awesome mom! Looks like you had fun.