Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A fun, yet relaxing weekend...

Halloween night the boys didn't want to dress up, so I put them in "farmer" clothes (so they could match farmer Dad).  We then went and visited/partied with Papa Theron (Grandma Darla was out with her mom).  The boys didn't even realize they missed out on getting candy.  They were to thrilled with seeing Papa and playing with the train set.

Sunday, November 1st was a cool, rainy day.  The boys were about to go nuts cooped up in the house (they were trying to figure out how to turn their beds into slides and jungle gyms). So we decided to head to the park.  Which is covered, lucky for us. While they played Zach and I got to watch the rain and enjoy the thunder.

He couldn't figure out how to go any high than that, thankfully.

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  1. What a sweet little family. I love being able to see pictures regularly. Thanks for sharing.