Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 A Year in Review

As promised, the answers to the Year End Reflections.  This wasn't as easy to accomplish as I thought it would be.

10 Highlights: Accomplishments, best memories
  1. Zach took me on a hike up in the mountains for my birthday.  It was so nice to be able to spend time just us, visiting about our hopes and dreams for the next year or two.
  2. Having my parents stay the night when they come to town to go to the temple.  We have had fun playing games and visiting.  And the boys love waking up to seeing Grammy and Grandpa at our house.
  3. Theron and Darla took us to Tuscon to go play at Breakers Water Park.  Despite James teething fever we all had a grand ol' time.
  4. Joining the Flikr Iron Crafter group, and actually getting some of my projects done.  It has been nice having the motivation to be creative.
  5. Working on our family motto/mission statement with Zach.  We have been using The Art of Manliness' guide to creating a family mission statement.  It has sparked a lot of deep conversations about who we want to be as a family.  How we want to raise the boys.  It has helped us get to know each other much better.  I plan to blog about the process when we have our mission statement finished.
  6. I made an excellent group of friends, all with kids my kids age.  For me that is a biggie.  I have always been the one to stand back and wait for others to approach me for anything social.  Because I have been able to step out of my comfort zone I have been blessed with some amazing women to befriend.  
  7. I was consistently walking a mile about three times a week for about two months.  I am proud of the fact I kept "showing up for myself" when I really didn't want to go out and walk.  The last month and a half' holidays and schedules temporarily halted the walking, but I plan on starting up again in the next week.
  8. During the summer I read 15+ books in a month and a half.  (The house did get neglected, and I rarely went to bed at a decent time...)  It had been several years since I let myself read more than just the occasional book, and it felt good to binge read so many books.  (Well it felt good mentally... physically, with the lack of sleep, not so much)
  9. I finally found a simple cleaning routine that I like, that is easy to keep up with.
  10. Wyler is finally potty trained!!
10 Disappointments: Failures, missed opportunities
  1. Weight gain... nuff said
  2. I stopped walking with my friends, and I can feel a difference.  I just don't feel as good physically or mentally when I don't get up and move regularly.
  3. I didn't live as intentionally with my boys as I should have.  I didn't go out to the park/outside with them as much as they would have liked.  I used the electronic baby sitter (aka tv) way more than I would have liked.
  4. And to go along with number 3, I spent way to much time on computer
  5. My attempt at selling pumpkin bread failed.
  6. Despite having a great cleaning routine, I still failed at my housekeeping goals.
  7. I have barely used my sourdough starter for the past 4-6 months.
  8. Zach and I watched too much tv in the evenings, instead of working on our projects/goals/talking with each other.
  9. We didn't get our family pictures taken.
  10. I didn't do anything with Montessori because I was too lazy/afraid to try.
3 Game Changers: Unexpected events that shifted your priorities
  1. I made a great group of friends.  Because of them my kids have friends their age.  I went out walking.  I actually have some what of a social life now.
  2. I discovered Matt Stone and DaNelle Wolford, and they changed my ideas of healthy eating.
  3. I won a Kindle Fire in the library's summer adult reading contest.  It was a game changer that wasn't that great for me at first.  It was another form of computer for me to spend way to much time on.  It took longer than it should have for me to realize I was spending waaayyy to much time on the computer.  For awhile I was seriously considering giving it away.  Now the Kindle is a great tool for me to use.
3 Things You Focused On: What you put the most of your time into
  1. I have been working on cutting out processed foods.  I am trying to get us to where we eat good, wholesome, natural foods.
  2. Unfortunately Pinterest and Facebook.  I could spend hours on Pinterest.
  3. Thanks to the Iron Crafter I got back into crafting/creating more regularly.  It feels nice to accomplish something creative.  I would get into a rut/funk and just not want to do anything productive.  But with the Iron Crafter challenges I would get my house work done so that I could work on a fun project.  It helped pull me out of my funks.
3 Things You Forgot: What you didn't get around too
  1. For the past 4-6 months I forgot about my sourdough starter.  It was fed maybe once a month (it's a wonder it is still alive...)
  2. At the beginning of the year I decided that I wanted to do an old fashioned/simplified Christmas (home made as much as I could, focusing on giving to others and the not the gimme gimme mentality).  By the time December rolled around I realized I didn't have much time to get things made (I was pretty busy the first two weeks).  Maybe next year...
  3. I have been pretty awful at keeping in touch with family members (Brigham, Nina, Marquette, Diedre, Grandparents).  I follow them all on Facebook, so it kinda feels like I kept in touch, but not really.  There is a difference between casual following on Facebook, and actual good conversations/letters.
Reflection: How Does this inform your plans for next year?

  • In 2015 I plan to live more intentionally.  I plan to be more intentional with housekeeping.  Intentional with raising and teaching my boys.  Intentional in studying and learning the scriptures and the prophets instead of just passively reading/listening to them.  In short, I am not going to be so passive.
  • I am going to strive to eat better, sleep better, and move more.  I am going to focus on living more healthily.
  • I plan to read a good book every now and then.  I need to be sure to exercise my brain along with my body.
  • I am going to continue to create often.  I am planning on continuing with the Iron Crafter to help give me inspiration/ideas on what to work on next.
  • I am going to spend less time with electronics, and more time in the real world with those I love.
  • This year I plan to serve others more, and focus less on myself.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Year End Reflections

In just a couple of days 2014 will be over.  Everyone will be setting their New Year's Resolutions.  Making plans for what they hope to accomplish during the next year.

I've tried the who New Year's Resolutions thing before.  I've tried just a couple simple goals.  A couple years I tried the 50-101 things to do in a year list.  And each year I either forget about my goals by the middle of the second month, or something happens that makes me alter/change/drop my goals.  By the end of the year I feel like nothing much was accomplished.  Another year wasted.

While perusing Pinterest the other day I came across this:

I am looking forward to answering these to help me see what I've accomplished.  To see that while I didn't meet the specific goals I set at the beginning of the year I still managed to do a great deal.

I'll post my answers on New Year's Eve.  I'd love to see your Year End Reflections.  You can either answer this in the comments or post a link to your blog.  (I have no idea how put a link up thingy here...)