Tuesday, March 15, 2016

February Photo Dump

Zach had been telling James if he stood too close to the tv it would burn his eyes out.  A couple days later Wyler drew a picture of Brigham... with his eyes burned out, and sad because his house burned down.

Wyler simply adores Becca, and she is pretty tickled when ever he or James plays with her.

They love having Uncle Brigham in the house. 

"Mom take a picture of us on the see-saw!!"

Wyler's creations... a sad boy

A happy tomato with hair

I left my phone with the sitter, just in case she needed to call us.... came home and found this. 

James went to the store with Dad, and Wyler was my helper.

We went up the mountain for Dad's 31st birthday

Monday, March 14, 2016

January Photo Dump

She loves her little kick piano!!  (and I loved the little jean dress)

James insisted on wearing my glasses, then Wyler saw the camera come out and ran to be in the picture.

Never give Parker your phone and ask him to take pictures

Or things like this may happen...

Becca's blessing day

4 generations
Hmm... looks like I don't have the ones with Zach's family saved on my computer yet.  As soon as I find where I did save them I'll add em to this post.

Grandpa gives the best snuggles

Chillin' with two cuties while Wyler's at school

She loved playing with the little bow on her dress

Handsome aren't they?

Wyler adores Baby Becca

They regularly ask me to get out my camera and take pictures of them.

Singing to her to help her be happy

She is the happiest baby I've ever seen!

But she is  bit of a wiggly selfie buddy.

They got knight hats and swords from a friends birthday party.  They thought they were the best things ever.

When your kid confuses knight and Lamanite, they end up reenacting scenes from their living scriptures movies, while decked out as a knight.

When I looked at Wyler's drawing at first I was confused... but when I was informed it was a whale I was able to see it pretty clearly.  (he insists it is a sperm whale... no idea why it is that kind of whale but it is)

Becca turned 2 months old today!!!

What happens when you don't know what to dress up as.... a firefighting, cooking, trick or treating, cowboy Spiderman....